Monday, February 14, 2011

What we have been up to: January - Now

Checking out our rental (He is so helpful)

Starting to sit up on his own (beginning of January)

First (and only) time wearing his size 9 month outfit..ohh those lips!

Watching "The View" in bed
Same day, avoiding the "Activia" commercial

Same day, loves to eat my chin...
Trying to crawl

Trying his hat on in for our trip to Palm Springs

This is what happens when you have big lips! (he can't use this brand)

Every little boy needs a coon skin cap! Thanks Nana and Papa.

Getting off of the metro

He's huge

Same day, shopping

New Jams

bursting out of his 12 month onsie


Tyler and Megan said...

Emily he is amazingly cute. Geez. Good work. :) Hope you guys are doing well! Miss you.

Ang said...

He is darling Emily! Miss you guys!

Cami and Andy said...

Happy Valentines day!! AH He is so perfect! His skin is so pretty and you are right those lips! I just want to kiss them! Looks like you two are having fun exploring DC. So did he just grow so fast that he skipped 9 month clothes? Miss you and Love ya..

Melanie said...

He is ADORABLE! Thanks so much for posting pics of him. He has sure grown.

Kim and Brian said...

I love your update!! He is so cute and I love his chub!!

I'm A. said...

Oh goodness, it makes me so sad that you guys are so far away. We ARE coming to visit. He is so darling Em. I'm glad you have such an adorable buddy to keep you company all day. :)

Sarah said...

He is adorable!

liz said...

haha. i am loving that binki pic. maybe you should train him the ways of lip syncing on camera? ohhh i miss you guys.

Anne, Ryan, Emily and McCoy said...

He is so adorable! I love all the pics you posted. I hope all is going well. Let's get together again the next time your in town.

Ape said...

I miss him! can't wait to see you all in April!!!!!