Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Party

Our little guy had his first birthday this weekend and we had a little get together at our place.

This was about as interested as he got in the cake

The other kids loved it though

Kimball loves the pool

John, Kara and Amy
It was scorching outside. This has been the hottest July on the record books.

Kristie and John (Max Man's parents)

Mandy and the ladies

Making his wish
Gifts with Evan

Gifts with the kids

Max wouldn't miss this party

Some of the party people

We love you Kimball!!

The Park

Monday, July 11, 2011


We had Max over this weekend and Kimball was in heaven

Well, dreamland I guess, until we told him who had come to see him and he popped right up

These two are best buds

Where I generally find Kimball

Checking out his book library
Sampling book #1
Exchanging for book #2
Getting comfy
This must be a good one
Busted, here he comes

There is 'No place like home' for the 4th of July, unless it's Obama's..

Our faulty attempted at a 'quick' family photo before dropping the bug off at Mandy's

Mom and baby had to do

Our good friends John and Kara with Miles

11 Months old

Kimball turned 11 months old and we ventured out to "Ted's Bulletin" to celebrate.

Apparently the package of letters and numbers doesn't come with two ones, so an "I" had to do.

He loves to give us cheesy smiles.

Father's Day

In true Young tradition Kimball wrote his dad a "love note".

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Baby Pics

I was looking through a bunch of pictures and ran into the three baby pictures I have of myself. When I saw them I was shocked by how closely they resemble my little guy. Here are a few pictures I absolutely love:

K's favorite little froggy-finger puppet can frequently be found hanging out of his mouth, resembling a little puppy. A great photo taken by Krisitie.

Kimball's funny face

My first birthday

My older sister Allison and me

10 months

Kimball is actually two days away from being 11 months, but here is his 10 month photo. He has begun to stand up in the middle of the room and hang out there for a few seconds. For the last three weeks he has been working on his front two, bottom teeth. They are sooo close to coming out but are enjoying the confines of his cute little gums for now.