Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween

Thanks baby Spence for the hot dog costume!

Newport Rhode Island

Lobster for Miles birthday at the Officer's Club
Fury in the sink for his bath

Walk down to the beach

Out on the beach

Our trip to Boston

Driving across the country

Getting ready to leave
On the road

Stopping in Iowa for Kimball's first UofU game

Kimball was amazed at Kyle

Stopped in NYC at our favorite Pizza place

birthday pictures

Here are some photos of Kimball we took on my birthday September 28th.

Thanks Annie!


Eating at Mystic Pizza
Saying goodbye to our home in CT

I came home while Miles spent some time on a ship somewhere..

Kimball loves tummy time

and sleeping with his arms up

I also got to hang out with friends

What we have been up to:

So, my belly grew...

and Kimball Miles Young came July 31st (8lbs 4oz 21 1/2 inches)

His nickname is Fury (don't mind the goop on the pillow, that was from the vacuum sore on his head)

His daddy loves him

Miles, his dad Kimball (our baby's namesake), and Fury

Going on a walk in CT

My beautiful baby and hansom hubby

No description needed

We had Kimball and Miles left just a few days after to attend Officer Candidate School in New London Connecticut. We followed a week later and lived there for 5 weeks.
Isn't our baby adorable!!