Friday, June 26, 2009


Life in New York has been quite relaxed in the last few weeks. Last week I walked around the Upper West side with Natalia (but pronounced Natalie..I know, I was confused too). We found the garden where Meg Ryan realizes it is Tom Hanks she has been writing to online in You've Got Mail.

Later that night we met up with our husbands and dined at the FIRST pizza place in America, Lombardi's. It was good pizza, but does not compare to Orem's own Pizzeria 712. If you haven't made it down there yet, you are missing out.

Other than that, I haven't been doing anything picture worthy, but here is a list of a few things to take note of:

*Wo Hop was not as good the second time. Miles visited this popular Chinese place in China Town with people from work, but when we went back it was no good. I don't know if it was the
couple of homeless Asians with death promising-hacking coughs, or the cockroaches we almost smashed walking along the sidewalk, but the food just did NOT do it for either of us. We had to walk through Little Italy to cleanse ourselves of our creepy experience.

*Jogging. I LOVE being in New York. I know this may come as a shock to some, but I feel so much more safe jogging/walking around my neighborhood here in New York, than I do my neighborhood in Orem. I live right near two busy streets in Utah county, and no one walks/jogs. So I feel strange doing it there. Plus it doesn't help to have had this experience. Here, I live right near Riverside Park. It has beautiful views of the Hudson and tons of little ones with their nanny's and such at parks. I LOVE it.

*Shakespeare in the Park. It is a free show every night here during the summer in Central Park. I've heard that this is so fantastic, it is worth the wait all morning for free tickets. This summer Anne Hathaway and others are preforming Twelfth Night. I went yesterday to see if I could get tickets, where I learned that it was the opening night, so they weren't giving away any tickets for the showing. It was a beautiful day yesterday so I wasn't discouraged at all about making the trip down to the park because it was so warm and sunny. I sat and read my book and watched all the cute kids play, I was seriously in Heaven..... well, until I got home and realized I was FRIED. I seriously have a problem. Is there some type of AA meeting for women who love to abuse their skin no matter how horribly they get burned?

I am seriously loving my time here in New York. I am so lucky.

Monday, June 15, 2009

new adventure

My cousin Craig is out here working and we have relied on him to help us with food recommendations. We know that we can always count on the food being cheap, which gets Miles all hot, so it is perfect!

He suggested this pizza place just down a few blocks from our apartment. I don't know what the name of the place is, but the charge $2.50 for a HUGE slice of cheese pizza. It is delicious. When we we went with Craig, he had already finished his slice before we even sat down with ours, so he bummed .25 cents off of us and went back for round two. WOWZA!

This is a pic of the time Miles and I went back just the two of us, and this is the extent of our photography ability:
We were trying to get the pizza and both of us in the shot. Just didn't work out all that well.

This one however did. I'm so lucky.


Time seriously flies out here. Last weekend my dearest Camille {one of my dearest and oldest (not in age, but in time) friends, who knows probably more embarrassing things about me than I'd like to admit, and also got married last summer and I haven't even seen her since.} came out with her sister and I was lucky enough to spend a few hours with her.

This is us outside of Magnolia Bakery. This has become one of my diet staples, unfortunately. (That might explain why all of my pictures look like I am pregnant..I assure you I am not.)

And this was the next day when we all met for s'mores. ummm hmmm.

Thanks for letting me tag-a-long Camille!

Monday, June 8, 2009

An NYC Weekend

Saturday started out with a walk through Columbia to get to our subway stop. It was graduation on Saturday and so they had tons of little parties and lots of balloons.

We then waited in the subway for literally 1/2 an hour. Now that may not seem like a long time, but ugh... it is so sweaty and gross down there, that half an hour is way to long to be waiting. I guess on the weekends they do all sorts of construction, so you never know when the subways are going to be functioning. So we hoped in a taxi (since my cousin Craig and his friends were waiting for us at dinner) and took it to the next subway stop.. waited... and of course, our subway line showed up (which means if we would have just waited longer, it would have eventually shown up) YAY!

So we made it to the Shake Shack and ate our delicious meal.

After dinner we decided to walk around Times Square. This was probably a bad idea considering it was Saturday night. There were SOO many people down there, but I guess you have to do that at least once!
This picture below ended up being super cool because of the reflection on the van, but there was a sad reason it was there. A few of these cars had been parked outside our building all day long, and we had a bunch of NYPD Blue guys walking around our neighborhood all day. The reason they were there turned out to be a sad one, but not any real crime, so don't worry mom. :)

Anywho, our lives here in New York is pretty fabulous. We are excited that we get to be here all summer long!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

5th Ave and Times Square

Okay, I am not creative. Not really at all. Plus I was all alone and was trying to look like I knew what I was doing (i.e. not a tourist, because.. ya know, I live here now) so these pictures are not cutsie.. ootsie or tootsie... just point and shoot.

My day:

Just a stroll through Columbia's campus (notice all the kiddo's on the left)

A subway tour down to Times Square...and the Naked Cowboy! (I think he stuffs..)

Marta's recommendation:

ooh ooh good. The cake on this thing was fantasmic!

St. Patrick's Cathedral along 5th Ave (you know this is where JFK and Jackie were married..)

After shopping at Bloomingdales, H&M, Tiffany's, FAO's, Anthropologie and such on 5th Avenue, I walked through Columbus Circle and saw this homeless man doing "magic".

A view of Columbus Circle.

Miles and John (Miles friend who lives here) met some strange looking boy with bangs at the local Pinkberry to finish up the night!