Friday, September 25, 2009

What the...

So, I am a resource teacher... Special Ed, if you will. I know most of you are picturing disabled children like, Down Syndrome, or blind, or the like, but that is not the case. The majority of my students are everyday normal kids who have fallen behind. Occasionally I get a Napoleon Dynamite type, and boy are those my favs!

Let's visit an experience I had today with one of them, and let's call him Tommy.

I had on Wednesday visited with Tommy and his mother during Parent-Teacher conferences, and on Thursday just happened to see the two of them again while going to a meeting. Quite the coincidence, but nothing too exciting.

So, today... Tommy was late for class. He came in a little hurried and sat down at his desk. I was working on my computer when Tommy stood up and said, "Mrs. Young...Mrs. Young!", very urgently. I quickly turned around to address him when a huge grin came over his face. I was confused. "Yes Tommy? What do you need?" was all I could think to say. He then, very shyly said, "uhm, my mom really liked your shirt you were wearing at Parent-Teacher Conferences."

To which I laughed a little inside and thanked him for the complement.

This response was not satisfying Tommy. He was acting as if I needed to finish my sentence and move on.

*Crickets chirping*

He then finally said, "Well, my mom would like to know where you got your shirt so she can buy it."

WHAT? HUH? The same mom that had taken TWO treats from my treat bowl (while mind you, both of her sons knew it was only appropriate to take ONE) would like to know where I bought my shirt? This is bizarre.

"Well, I got that shirt at a store called Ralph Lauren."

"Write it down please. My mom told me I have to have you write it down on a piece of paper." was Tommy's reply.

....Is this really happening?

I take out my post-it-notes and write RALPH LAUREN and go to hand the paper to him when he says, "And also, write down where you got the one you were wearing yesterday....she liked that one too."

I love my job.


Ali said...

That's awesome.

That reminds me of the last shirt I bought myself (not a frequent purchase)... it was from Walmart. A Mom showed up at our weekly story time hour wearing the same shirt.We were both embarrassed. Not because we matched but because we were mutually outed as Wally-world clothing shoppers. I swear though Em. It's the only one I have from there :)

SJ said...

I laughed out loud at my desk. Thanks for sharing. I hope all is well.



Amanda the Couch said...

that is a whole bunch of awesome.

Joe & Annie said...

This is a great story! I love working with little kids!

I'm A. said...

Mrs. Young! I HAVE TO FART!