Monday, June 8, 2009

An NYC Weekend

Saturday started out with a walk through Columbia to get to our subway stop. It was graduation on Saturday and so they had tons of little parties and lots of balloons.

We then waited in the subway for literally 1/2 an hour. Now that may not seem like a long time, but ugh... it is so sweaty and gross down there, that half an hour is way to long to be waiting. I guess on the weekends they do all sorts of construction, so you never know when the subways are going to be functioning. So we hoped in a taxi (since my cousin Craig and his friends were waiting for us at dinner) and took it to the next subway stop.. waited... and of course, our subway line showed up (which means if we would have just waited longer, it would have eventually shown up) YAY!

So we made it to the Shake Shack and ate our delicious meal.

After dinner we decided to walk around Times Square. This was probably a bad idea considering it was Saturday night. There were SOO many people down there, but I guess you have to do that at least once!
This picture below ended up being super cool because of the reflection on the van, but there was a sad reason it was there. A few of these cars had been parked outside our building all day long, and we had a bunch of NYPD Blue guys walking around our neighborhood all day. The reason they were there turned out to be a sad one, but not any real crime, so don't worry mom. :)

Anywho, our lives here in New York is pretty fabulous. We are excited that we get to be here all summer long!

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Amanda the Couch said...

i'm in loves with all of your blogging. loved the pic of you and miles and the balloonies! it was fun to chat with you for a little bit last night. i'll call you later this week to catch up.

have you found one of those cool fan squirt bottle thingies? you'll totally look so hot rockin that!