Friday, April 10, 2009

Movie Day

Remember in high school when the teacher had a movie for you to watch all period long? It was the best! No homework and no thinking.

I never really realized how much the teacher loved it too!

Today's presentation:
Unstrung Heroes
{Side Note: I always hated it when the teacher couldn't get the t.v./vcr to work properly. Now that I am on the other side of the story I understand that it is the CRAPPY equipment teachers are given. That's what I am telling myself anyway.}

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Forever Bronze

So, years ago, while I was still living at home with my parents, still didn't have enough money, still used their car, and still went tanning, I had an upcoming dance/formal to attend. Now, I can't quite remember if I was in high school or if I had graduated and was attending a Greek function with Miles, but that doesn't matter. What really matters is that I needed to go tanning. (I have since given up on those things due to many a burned bum and neon face, but I still hadn't learned at that time.)

I only had two days before the actual day, and I was a pasty gangster as usual. Side note: During high school I would go to great lengths to get free tanning. Remember how they used to give you the first time for free, just to get you hooked? (You've got to know it's bad if they are doing that) I traveled all around Holladay, (Forever Bronze, Electric Beach, Coco Cabana, the one by Nordstrom Rack, the one by Liquid Joe's...) just to get a free tan, and every time you go you have to fill out that stupid paper work saying you won't sue and basically that you shouldn't be tanning. Yeah, Yeah, I knew what I was doing. I read through all the fine print including the clause that says, "NO tanning two days in a row." I don't remember which salon told me that, but it stuck in my head all of those years.

Now, bringing you back to the task at hand. I needed to go twice. So day two I walked in, and noticed the man (what type of dude works at a tanning salon anyway) working behind the counter was the same man from the day before and a little alarm went off in my mind! "EMILY you can't go two days in a row! He will send you away.", I told myself. I then had an Ah Ha moment. "It's all good. I'll just tell him my name is Amanda". I had frequently used my sisters names when I went to salons, just in case I hadn't previously signed up there (I lost track as to where I had actually signed up or not). It was genius. I walked up to the counter and proudly told the man my last name, and then when he asked for my first, I just fibbed and said, "Amanda". Perfect... no problemo, he bought it. ha ha. I am so sneaky. He then replied, "Seven dollars" (or however much I was supposed to give him) and I froze. I started to get frantic. Money? This thing is going to cost money? Shoot... where is my money? I looked in my wallet.... no cash. All I had was a credit card that on the back read, "See ID". Awesome. DANG-IT. If I give him this credit card, he won't let me tan... I'll have Emily's ID, not Amanda's. So I had another brilliant idea: I'll run out to the car and see if I have any cash out there (right...). Just as I had suspected. No money. I did however, have a check. I thought that was my best bet. I wrote the check and handed it to him with MY NAME, Emily, on the front and prayed for the best. He asked me if I had ID, as this was not Amanda's check. I told him that I didn't have one... ANOTHER LIE....but that she was my sister and she wouldn't care.

Although he let me in the tanning booth, I had a feeling he didn't quite believe my story. I was terrified. I just knew that the second I walked out of the tanning booth I'd be surrounded by police men waiting to take me to the station for writing a faulty check that was actually mine. Thoughts were running wild through my mind; Do these type of crimes stay forever on your record? Will I ever be able to get a good job? What the heck was I thinking? I should have just ran out of there, right then! After my burn fest had ended, I threw my clothes on, peeked through the door to be sure the man/whatever type of man works at a tanning salon, wasn't sitting out front, and scurried out of there faster than you could say, felony.

I went to the dance and the whole experience was soon forgotten.

Fast forward to Sunday during family dinner, my mom started asking my sister some strange questions. I didn't quite catch the conversation, so I interrupted and said, "Wait, what is going on?" My mom then started explaining a very confusing conversation she had on the phone with a young man from Forever Bronze. She said she had received a call from nice young gentleman wondering if it was okay if Amanda was using a check with Emily's name on it. My mom, being confused, simply said, "ugh... I think so." and thought nothing of it. After crying my eyes out with laughter, I explained to my family how idiotic I was and why this was all happening. My sisters looked at me like I was crazy. They reminded me that tanning salons do NOT care if you go two days in a row. I guess I need to stop reading the fine print. We all had a seriously good laugh.

Honestly, that is one of the most ridiculous situations I had ever been in. I will never forget it, and needless to say, I have never returned to Forever Bronze.