Thursday, March 19, 2009


Andrea tagged me, and I have lots of not-so cute things going on, so I decided to join in on the game. Hmm, Where do I start with this thing? Since I am keeping it real.. here goes.

1. I have a mustache. I know what some of you out there are thinking... "Finally, I've been meaning to tell her!" Sorry guys, I already know. And no, my mustache does not consist of coarse dark hair but because my SKIN is permanently tan on my upper lip. Yay! Thanks birth control for leaving me with a beautiful shading on the upper lip. I apparently will NEVER get rid of you. I try very hard to disguise you, but the truth is... there is no hiding it!

Exhibit A (no makeup very scary):
What is that beautiful dark Charlie Chaplin mustache doing on such a lady? OH... its moving in to stay.

2. My mornings. Not-so-cute. Poor Miles wakes up happy and chipper and I can barely muster up enough politeness to say hello. I absolutely hate waking up in the morning, and don't mess with me if it is still dark outside when I do.

3. McDonald's. My favorite fast food restaurant, hands down. Oh, those yummy little chopped up onions on your hamburger and the crispy outer shell of their long skinny fries. Just add a vanilla cone and dip those warm fry babies in for the most delicious treat!

4. I have favorite students. I am much easier on them than I am with the obnoxious, defiant, and disrespectful students. I guess that makes sense, but I feel guilty about it sometimes.

5. One of the biggest reasons I shy away from having my own children.. sleep. I'll never be able to sleep in again.

6. I avoid my ever-so-nice neighbor. I try to run inside my house as fast as possible. I know. I am the worst. Let me tell you a few reasons why. 1) She leaves her door wide open, so when I walk up the stairs, she is sitting in plain view (watching television) and I can't avoid saying hello. 2) Once I do say hello, she quickly gets up and picks her cats up and walks them over to me and tells me to say hello to them. 3) I am usually just getting home from work and holding groceries/laptop bag/cereal cup from before work/purse/keys. I really don't know what is wrong with me. I am anti-social I guess. Speaking of her, she is my new Visiting Teaching Companion and I am off to do some V.T. tonight with her. Which leads me to number 7....

7. My old Visiting Teaching Companion bothered me. Why she insisted on staying for 2 hours each time we went, was BEYOND me. We also had some inactive women on our list who she consistently was trying to trick into letting us come over. Once while visiting other women she said, "I just want to stop by and show (inactive women#1) this picture I have of her." I thought that was easy enough. Come to find out, inactive women #1 had told my companion that she didn't want us to come over, so when we knocked on the door (which had its T.V. blaring) there was no answer. Ugh, I really could go on but lets leave it at that. She was coo coo for coco puffs.

8. My roots right now.

9. My scar I now have above my belly button. I wish it was a little more centered... just to be symmetrical.

10. I can be a couch potato.


Melissa Stringham said...

Hey Em! I just found your blog on Andrea's blog. (This is Melissa Christensen by the way). How are you? Well I wanted to let you know that I too used to have a tan mustache. A horrible one at that! I was hoping to give you some hope because mine went away. After stopping birth control, getting pregnant and then giving just went away on its own a few months after that. I did not go back on birth control after my baby was born, so I guess now that my body is pretty much free of all those hormones the melasma just cleared up. Also the rest of your post was hilarious.

Travis and Liz Felix said...

LOVED LOVED LOVED LOVED this post. Laughed out loud several times!!
SO true about the neighbors.... and other stuff too. FUNNY .

Andrea said...

Ha! I have to admit, you are really good at keeping it real. I was going to post about how I pull my eyelashes out...but whimped.

Also wanted to post about how I avoid my grandparents as MUCH AS POSSIBLE even though I LIVE WITH THEM. Ha. So I feel you on #6.

Amen to McDonalds.

Meg said...

haha I loved this Em! So funny. And I think I will now have to go to McDonalds for lunch for fries and ice cream. For real.

The Jacksons said...

hey em! love your blog ... got your comment and i have not decided yet ... what are YOU going to do?? if i do quit it will be over the summer when i can call my principal up over the phone and yell, "I'M NEVER COMING BACK!!" and not have to see him ever again.

Melanie said...

That is so weird about your tan on your upper lip...and you got it from birth control? Crazy. By the way, you look beautiful without makeup! I hear ya on the not wanting kids yet for fear of lack of sleep. It's true. But it's definitely worth it though when you're ready.

marta said...

em. look how cute you are. oh my goodness, you are too darn adorable. quit your day job and be a model. (and a housewife.)