Friday, March 13, 2009

my week

Sunday: Flu. It was horrible.

Monday: Flu remnants. (That's what I told my school anyway)

Tuesday: Slid on the ice while driving and hit (I'd prefer the term, tapped instead) the car in front of me at a stop sign. The worst part... It was a police car.

Wednesday: Had a folder I needed to give to my sister. Went home and couldn't find it. Went back to school to see if it was there. Searched everything... gave up, put my coat on and decided to look in one last place (a basket of work to be returned to students) it was there. Don't ask me why I put it at the bottom of a basket full of students work.

Thursday: Made myself some cereal in a cup on my way out the door. Set it down on the table to kiss my slumbering husband goodbye and LEFT my cereal AND cell phone sitting on the table.

Friday: Did a hand stand in class.

I don't know when I lost my mind. But it is definitely GONE.


Ali said...

I'm sorry you had a week of unfortunate events, but it sure made me laugh (the cop car - what are the odds?!)

What school do you teach at?

Travis and Liz Felix said...

A police car!!! SUCK.

Meg said...

haha I love this post. It was so good to see you guys yesterday! Even if it was for about 2 minutes. I miss you guys!

I'm A said...

Boo to crappy weeks. Is this week better? :) P.S. I tagged you!