Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Citizen Blues

I do not buy regularly priced designer jeans. Now, that is not to say that I never have before...

One spring day in the year of 2004 I had just purchased my first pair of truly designer jeans ($187..worth of designer jeans). I was feeling good. I wore my 'tall' shoes that day so that my new jeans wouldn't drag on the cement as I walked across the University of Utah campus. I'm not going to lie. I was feeling pretty good. New shirt, new jeans, freshly dried hair (I love freshly cleansed hair) who cares that I had missed my first class...I was lookin' good. Campus was pretty dead considering class was just about to end, so I walked along with the sun shinning on my face and the warm breeze running through my squeaky clean hair.

I knew Miles would be coming out of the building I had parked near, so I walked towards where he was going to be exiting. As I started walking down the long set of cement stairs, I noticed a strange looking person coming towards me. He looked like he might have been one of those homeless dudes that live at the library, so I became a little weary (because you know, the UofU is so scary and ghetto. Ridiculous I know). So I looked up a second time (I had to keep my eyes on my feet..member, I am wearing my 'tall' shoes), notice that he is looking at me, flip my hair away from my face and.... BAM! I was on the ground. Don't even ask my how in the world I ended up on my knees at the bottom of the stairs, but don't you worry.. I had ripped both knees wide open, skinned my poor little patellas and palms, not to mention the bruises.

Humiliation flooded over me. "That did not just happen." I said to my self. The creepy guy (who turns out to be so-not-creepy at all) turns around and says, "Wow, are you okay?". As I kneel there 'praying' on the ground I am thinking, "No, I am not okay... This is the first day I decided to wear my new $187 pair of jeans and I just RUINED them in the most humiliating way possible.", but of course I Cooley said, "Yeah, yeah..." and ran off. Oh the humiliation.

Needless to say, I don't ever buy expensive designer jeans at full price (or walk around campus in my 'tall shoes' avoiding eye contact with wanna-be creepers). I am however, a huge fan of Down East Outfitters where I can buy designer jeans at a discounted price, but I HATE searching through all of their stuff.

Chelsea reminded me about a new website that some of our friends put together. It is a website with a 'deal a day' on bargain priced designer jeans. They are the real designer jeans and priced super cheap, so bookmark the site and check it out regularly for great deals!

{And just cause I am keeping it real... I still continued to get my usage out of the torn jeans. I would wear them with the holes. My mom hated it. They weren't retired until the night I went to Classic Skating for a party in 2006 and was racing someone on those dumb blow-up obstacle courses, and the jeans ripped from the crotch to the outside of my leg, exposing my bottom. That was the end of those...}


Ali said...

Oh Em, that totally sucks!

Thanks for the tip on the website.

Cami and Andy said...

I love you!!!! That's all!

Melanie said...

Haha! That sucks. I feel the same way about Down East. It's one of my favorite stores but the jeans are such a pain to search through. I'll have to check out that website.