Friday, February 27, 2009

Valentine's Day

Miles and I met in January of 2003 and have spent each Valentines Day together since.

February 2003: The night before Miles left to Palm Springs with his family (their annual trip) we went hot tubbin...

February 2004: Just like the year before, we celebrated the night before he left and I had pre-made chocolate-dipped fruit (which turned out to be a disaster) and brought over a lame Blockbuster gift certificate. We made dinner together and I received some fantastic jewelery.

February 2005: Hmm. I am sort of drawing a blank with this year. I know that it was the first year that I went to Palm Springs with the Young's, but I can't quite remember how we celebrated before hand. I know I lived in "the duplex" and I am sure it was quacktastic. {I'll get back to you on this one.}

February 2006: He picked me up from Nevada Manor, we dropped off Valentines to the girls I was a nanny for, ate at Cucina Toscana and exchanged gifts. I gave him super-lame clothes, and I received my very own diamond...on a ring.

February 2007: Miles surprised me with a couples massage at my favorite little salon, and then I came home and made meatloaf. ha ha. Miles loved it.

February 2008: I was as sick as a dog. I had taken the previous two days off of work, and felt horrible. We went to this little Korean restaurant by our house and then came home and watched "Once". I must try to watch that again because I was so miserable that night. I received the most adorable tulips and Miles received a University of Utah flag to fly down here in P-town.

February 2009: We journeyed up to Salt Lake to dine at Cucina Toscana once again. We also stopped in at Maggie Moo's for dessert (my favorite). I received a gift certificate to the best little nail place ever and Miles received lots of lovin all week long. (In the form of love notes.. come on people)


Cami and Andy said...

ya notes? Whatev I know my emmy ;)

Meg said...

How good of you to remember all of this! I don't even know what we did last year! haha