Monday, February 9, 2009


Miles had an internship this past summer down in Lima, Peru. He was down there for 6 weeks and I joined him during week 5. We had an excellent time! Although we had spoken on the phone/Internet every night, (thank you Skype) we obviously, hadn't seen one another for all that time.

When I finally made it to Lima I had to wait for about 30 minutes while my baggage got to the correct place. This part was the most nerve-racking of the whole deal. Who knows what is going on behind those sketchy, black, car wash-looking flaps, or even if my bag has made it at all! I also knew that 100 feet away, behind a barrier Miles was waiting on the other side for me. I was so anxious.

I finally got my bag and walked over to the line that everyone was forming, in order to leave the baggage area. Here you have to walk through what looks like subway turn abouts...hmm how do I explain this? It is more like Subway-Turnstile-Roulette. Here, this picture is about right. Minus the cleanliness and the business suits.

When you get to the turnstile you push a button and you will either get a green light, which means... move ahead, or a red that means, "You are the sucker that gets to have your bags ripped open by some dude you can't understand because he is speaking Spanish to all of his friends while rifling through your 'unmentionables'. " Guess what I received? Red.

With out too much trouble from my little hombre, I was finally able to walk out of the baggage claim. They have the outer room all cleared off with railings so that the taxi drivers don't mall all of the travelers for business. I was frantically trying to spot the tall, blond gringo from the masses, when out of some fantastically cheesy chick flick, I see Miles dart under the railing and start walking towards me. I was so excited! I ran towards him just like you see on basically every love story movie. You would have thought he had been fighting in Iraq or been rescued from a sinking ship into shark infested waters (his worst nightmare), but no. I just hadn't seen the kid for 6 weeks.

That was probably my favorite part of the vacation, even though we had an amazing time! The picture on top was during one of our tours in Cuzco. The people there dress up in traditional Peruvian dress and stand there with llamas. They are hoping you will take a picture with them for money. Although I felt creepy asking to take a picture with two complete strangers.. children, none-the-less, I did feel like I was helping the family out in some way.

Word of warning: steer clear of the llamas. They are very stubborn and if you try to get them to stand in a certain position when they don't want to, you will most assuredly get spat at in the face. That unfortunately happened to the mother of those two little kiddos. Not fun.

Miles and I were also able to see Machu Piccu while there, and that is by far, one of the most amazing things to see. How in the world did these people build all of that, on top of a mountain? Oh wow, it is really a must-see. We had a blast.

And member how I am all "keepin' it real", now-a-days? Well, I must include, that right after this picture was taken we got into a little squabble, if you will, over whether or not we were going to waste the whole day with a hike (that one Mr. Young had already done before) or were we going to stick with our ENGLISH tour guide so that we could learn all about why this place is there, what-means-what, or where in the world Carmen San Diego is and so on. So, I only tell you that.. just cause I'm keepin' it real...


Travis and Liz Felix said...

Still teaching at Sylvan, thre are good days and bad days but I am keepin' busy! Did I tell you I am planning on doing massage therapy? Anywho, once we find out where we are going for school I'll map that one out.

Megan said...

This looks like such an amazing trip. South America is definitely on my list.