Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My 25th Birthday Weekend

So after learning all of this devastating news, we decided to try to not freak out until we had facts. Unfortunately it was really hard. My birthday happened to be that Sunday and birthday festivities were all about.

The optimistic nurse I spoke to was desperately trying to get me "not to worry" over the weekend, because, "You just never could be nothing", but on Saturday morning I woke up a mess. I was absolutely sick. I was crying, moping, and laying in my towel on my bed after getting out of the shower for hours. My worst mistake was searching out horrible things online (which I would never recommend doing) all having to do with kidney cancer and tumors. All of this put me over the edge. I could not take another minute without knowing exactly what the doctor saw.

I decided to be that crazy lady who bothers their doctor on the weekend. I called my doctors office and hallelujah MY doctor was the one on call that morning. A doctors cell was like receiving liquid gold. I immediately dialed his number. no answer. shoot. I left a message.

"hmm hi, doctor..... this is Emily Young. I received a call yesterday from your nurse informing me that you think you might have found a tumor in my kidney. I am quite concerned and I've tried to get in with the Urologist that you recommended, but he won't see me until next Thursday, which is a whole week to wait..and really I just don't know if I can wait to hear from an actual doctor, so if there is any way possible that you could give me a call, I would be MOST APPRECIATIVE....oh yeah, I am so sorry to be calling you on your day off... really. Thanks again my number is...

I know so very eloquent.

But he called back! Right away actually. He was so fabulously nice! Oh joyous cell phones! He let me know that the tumor he saw was VERY small. In fact, the size of the tip of your pinkie. He wanted me to get it checked out and that he himself was going to call the Urologist and see if he could get me in any earlier. It was such a bittersweet conversation. Was I supposed to be excited about this? Happy that I'd heard that yes indeed, he saw a tumor and that he was going to get me in sooner with a doctor who may or may not tell me awful news?

That night we went up to Salt Lake to spend time with Miles family and give Kim (and I) a blessing for our health. Kim was scheduled to meet with some other doctors the following week to know where to go from there. It also happened to be my Mother-in-law Laurel's birthday so we decided to hang out as a family.

Life just feels better when surrounded by family. Although I am not related by blood to the Young's I truly believe I belong with them. I used to not believe that we had just ONE person we were supposed to be with, but I am beginning to believe in that more and more. I love him. I love them.

The next morning (my birthday), Miles and I went up to Sundance for their brunch and just spent some time together. Later that day we met my family up at our grandpa's cabin in Heber. There we celebrated my birthday with dinner, dessert, and another priesthood blessing. Is there anything quite like a father's blessing? I don't know about you, but my dad is the real deal. I love him.

With my 25th birthday down, I knew I had a long road ahead of me but after the past few days, felt like I could handle it. Funny how that happens when your surrounded with love.

P.S. Don't judge me on those pictures. It was a no-make-up weekend.


Cami and Andy said...

emmy you are so beautiful, even after a traumatic trying weekend. LOVE U

bets said...

wow em. i had no idea you were dealing with such scary hugeness right now. i've never been through anything like this but the few small hard things i have been through have always been eased just a little by family, scriptures, and prayer (all obvious, i know). i've always looked up to you as an incredibly strong person- you seem to seep up difficulty and spit it back out. i know you can do that with what's happening now. let me know if i can do anything for you.

Melanie said...

What a weekend. I'm so sorry you have to be dealing with this. So what is going on now? Wasn't that a few months ago? Have you been given a clean bill of health?

Sarah said...

glad to see you in the blogging realm again, its a love-hate relationship this blogging thing, isnt it? love you em.

Devin and Kaci said...

Wow em, what a weekend full of different emotions. I don't really know what is going on, but keep us updated. Thank goodness for the priesthood and the power of prayer, right!! Good luck with everything! Love you!!