Friday, February 27, 2009

Teaching..or preaching...or a little of both

Being a high school teacher never surprises me. I am always running into something I didn't plan on bumping into. For instance, just today:

Mr. P literally RAN (full speed mind-you) right into me in the hall. My reaction, "P!!! You just took me out!?" to which he replied, "Well, I caught up with Mark....." As if I should be proud of him for doing so. ugh.


While we were talking about genes and chromosomes in Biology, Mr. A just could NOT stop laughing. He just couldn't handle all the talk of 'mating'. Never-mind the quarter-size hickey he had on his neck.


Mr. O decided it would be funny to mimic me when I tried to say, "Oh, I am so sure" but it came out, "Oh, I am sho sure." by saying, (oozing with sarcasm) "Oh, are you SHO SURE?", two or three times. That was fun.


When I had to go to the seminary building to give a student an envelope and when I asked to see the student the seminary teacher said to me, "And...WHO are YOU?" as if I were a student. Ha. I replied, "I am a teacher from next door....{Insert famous black girl exxxcaaauuussseee-me-but-you-did-not-just-say-that-to-me, look}". That was awesome.

and last, but certainly not least:

When I asked my kids if they had any fun Valentine's Day plans a few weeks ago Mr. C replied, "Yes, actually. I bought my girlfriend a gift certificate to Victoria Secret and we are going to go to dinner, go pick something out from VS, and then go home.". So I replied, "Great. Well. We know Mr. C is going to have good night...anyone else?

3 months ago I wouldn't have had very many good things to say about my job, but the past few weeks I have been totally enjoying it. Here's hoping the enjoyment sticks.

Valentine's Day

Miles and I met in January of 2003 and have spent each Valentines Day together since.

February 2003: The night before Miles left to Palm Springs with his family (their annual trip) we went hot tubbin...

February 2004: Just like the year before, we celebrated the night before he left and I had pre-made chocolate-dipped fruit (which turned out to be a disaster) and brought over a lame Blockbuster gift certificate. We made dinner together and I received some fantastic jewelery.

February 2005: Hmm. I am sort of drawing a blank with this year. I know that it was the first year that I went to Palm Springs with the Young's, but I can't quite remember how we celebrated before hand. I know I lived in "the duplex" and I am sure it was quacktastic. {I'll get back to you on this one.}

February 2006: He picked me up from Nevada Manor, we dropped off Valentines to the girls I was a nanny for, ate at Cucina Toscana and exchanged gifts. I gave him super-lame clothes, and I received my very own diamond...on a ring.

February 2007: Miles surprised me with a couples massage at my favorite little salon, and then I came home and made meatloaf. ha ha. Miles loved it.

February 2008: I was as sick as a dog. I had taken the previous two days off of work, and felt horrible. We went to this little Korean restaurant by our house and then came home and watched "Once". I must try to watch that again because I was so miserable that night. I received the most adorable tulips and Miles received a University of Utah flag to fly down here in P-town.

February 2009: We journeyed up to Salt Lake to dine at Cucina Toscana once again. We also stopped in at Maggie Moo's for dessert (my favorite). I received a gift certificate to the best little nail place ever and Miles received lots of lovin all week long. (In the form of love notes.. come on people)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My 25th Birthday Weekend

So after learning all of this devastating news, we decided to try to not freak out until we had facts. Unfortunately it was really hard. My birthday happened to be that Sunday and birthday festivities were all about.

The optimistic nurse I spoke to was desperately trying to get me "not to worry" over the weekend, because, "You just never could be nothing", but on Saturday morning I woke up a mess. I was absolutely sick. I was crying, moping, and laying in my towel on my bed after getting out of the shower for hours. My worst mistake was searching out horrible things online (which I would never recommend doing) all having to do with kidney cancer and tumors. All of this put me over the edge. I could not take another minute without knowing exactly what the doctor saw.

I decided to be that crazy lady who bothers their doctor on the weekend. I called my doctors office and hallelujah MY doctor was the one on call that morning. A doctors cell was like receiving liquid gold. I immediately dialed his number. no answer. shoot. I left a message.

"hmm hi, doctor..... this is Emily Young. I received a call yesterday from your nurse informing me that you think you might have found a tumor in my kidney. I am quite concerned and I've tried to get in with the Urologist that you recommended, but he won't see me until next Thursday, which is a whole week to wait..and really I just don't know if I can wait to hear from an actual doctor, so if there is any way possible that you could give me a call, I would be MOST APPRECIATIVE....oh yeah, I am so sorry to be calling you on your day off... really. Thanks again my number is...

I know so very eloquent.

But he called back! Right away actually. He was so fabulously nice! Oh joyous cell phones! He let me know that the tumor he saw was VERY small. In fact, the size of the tip of your pinkie. He wanted me to get it checked out and that he himself was going to call the Urologist and see if he could get me in any earlier. It was such a bittersweet conversation. Was I supposed to be excited about this? Happy that I'd heard that yes indeed, he saw a tumor and that he was going to get me in sooner with a doctor who may or may not tell me awful news?

That night we went up to Salt Lake to spend time with Miles family and give Kim (and I) a blessing for our health. Kim was scheduled to meet with some other doctors the following week to know where to go from there. It also happened to be my Mother-in-law Laurel's birthday so we decided to hang out as a family.

Life just feels better when surrounded by family. Although I am not related by blood to the Young's I truly believe I belong with them. I used to not believe that we had just ONE person we were supposed to be with, but I am beginning to believe in that more and more. I love him. I love them.

The next morning (my birthday), Miles and I went up to Sundance for their brunch and just spent some time together. Later that day we met my family up at our grandpa's cabin in Heber. There we celebrated my birthday with dinner, dessert, and another priesthood blessing. Is there anything quite like a father's blessing? I don't know about you, but my dad is the real deal. I love him.

With my 25th birthday down, I knew I had a long road ahead of me but after the past few days, felt like I could handle it. Funny how that happens when your surrounded with love.

P.S. Don't judge me on those pictures. It was a no-make-up weekend.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Miles had an internship this past summer down in Lima, Peru. He was down there for 6 weeks and I joined him during week 5. We had an excellent time! Although we had spoken on the phone/Internet every night, (thank you Skype) we obviously, hadn't seen one another for all that time.

When I finally made it to Lima I had to wait for about 30 minutes while my baggage got to the correct place. This part was the most nerve-racking of the whole deal. Who knows what is going on behind those sketchy, black, car wash-looking flaps, or even if my bag has made it at all! I also knew that 100 feet away, behind a barrier Miles was waiting on the other side for me. I was so anxious.

I finally got my bag and walked over to the line that everyone was forming, in order to leave the baggage area. Here you have to walk through what looks like subway turn abouts...hmm how do I explain this? It is more like Subway-Turnstile-Roulette. Here, this picture is about right. Minus the cleanliness and the business suits.

When you get to the turnstile you push a button and you will either get a green light, which means... move ahead, or a red that means, "You are the sucker that gets to have your bags ripped open by some dude you can't understand because he is speaking Spanish to all of his friends while rifling through your 'unmentionables'. " Guess what I received? Red.

With out too much trouble from my little hombre, I was finally able to walk out of the baggage claim. They have the outer room all cleared off with railings so that the taxi drivers don't mall all of the travelers for business. I was frantically trying to spot the tall, blond gringo from the masses, when out of some fantastically cheesy chick flick, I see Miles dart under the railing and start walking towards me. I was so excited! I ran towards him just like you see on basically every love story movie. You would have thought he had been fighting in Iraq or been rescued from a sinking ship into shark infested waters (his worst nightmare), but no. I just hadn't seen the kid for 6 weeks.

That was probably my favorite part of the vacation, even though we had an amazing time! The picture on top was during one of our tours in Cuzco. The people there dress up in traditional Peruvian dress and stand there with llamas. They are hoping you will take a picture with them for money. Although I felt creepy asking to take a picture with two complete strangers.. children, none-the-less, I did feel like I was helping the family out in some way.

Word of warning: steer clear of the llamas. They are very stubborn and if you try to get them to stand in a certain position when they don't want to, you will most assuredly get spat at in the face. That unfortunately happened to the mother of those two little kiddos. Not fun.

Miles and I were also able to see Machu Piccu while there, and that is by far, one of the most amazing things to see. How in the world did these people build all of that, on top of a mountain? Oh wow, it is really a must-see. We had a blast.

And member how I am all "keepin' it real", now-a-days? Well, I must include, that right after this picture was taken we got into a little squabble, if you will, over whether or not we were going to waste the whole day with a hike (that one Mr. Young had already done before) or were we going to stick with our ENGLISH tour guide so that we could learn all about why this place is there, what-means-what, or where in the world Carmen San Diego is and so on. So, I only tell you that.. just cause I'm keepin' it real...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Learning that I had a kidney tumor at 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon wasn't what I had in mind for a great weekend. I was in shock. I gathered my things here at school and thought I'd get home and tell Miles. Unfortunately he called as I was walking in the hallways.

"So, what did they say?" miles asked. "hmm well they said that the thing on my liver was nothing but they found something else." was my response. Miles continued, "What do you mean? You are kidding right?"

I was trying to get out of the hallways where kissing teenagers, friendly handicapped janitors, and bustling teachers would be out of ear shot, but Miles persistence made me stop right there in the hallway and tell him. " I have a KIDNEY TUMOR! The nurse was really happy for me actually. Isn't that great?!"

After a little more clarification we decided to talk when we got together. I wanted to get the heck out of school and back home where we could actually talk face to face. Luckily for us (sarcasm), Miles car was broken down, so I drove over to BYU and picked him up.

I am afraid we were both in shock and sick with worry at the prospect of what life could bring to us on Monday. The nurse assured me that the doctor told her the tumor was very small and it could be nothing, but that we needed to see a Urologist and gave us the number of the recommended urologist. I tried to think positively, but could not help but cry.

We had a lot on our minds considering that Friday wasn't only my dooms day either. Miles father had some strange things show up in his blood a month prior and was waiting to hear the results that same day.

On our way home from BYU, Miles mother called to let us know, that yes indeed, Kimball had cancer.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Seven Eleven

Mrs. Couch tagged me, (and all the kids are taking the BSCT test) so here goes:

7 things I want to do before I die:
Experience Motherhood
Travel to Europe with Miles
Own a home that doesn't have popcorn ceilings, astro-turf on the porch, or MIRROR coated walls
Live to see a healthy 85
See Asia and Australia
Take cooking classes
Run on the beach in a bikini and not feel any jiggle (fat chance of that happening...pun intended)

7 things I cannot do:
Draw (thanks for reminding me Manda)
Watch Horror Movies (I second this one too)
Get up from my alarm on the first ring
Get up in the morning when I am supposed to
pull myself away from blogging
refrain from singing the words to songs that I know when I hear them on the radio (not that it sounds any good)
Justify spending money on washing my car. And no, I won't just do it myself.

7 things that attracted me to my spouse:
First, it was his kindness. The way he looks at your eyes when you are speaking with him.
A very close second was his abs/good looks (no I didn't see the abs..not until the hot tub, but once jokingly I just nudged his stomach, and..uh-hem he had my interest. :)
He was/is a genius.
How he had so many friends.
His love to travel.
How he wouldn't let me get away with my shenanigans.
Oh yeah, his height.
*I really could keep going, but I'll stop with the seven*

7 things I look forward to every day:
When the bell rings at 2:15pm (that is just Monday through Friday)
When Miles gets home from school
Lunch (Manda thanks)
Checking blogs (ditto)
Dinner with Miles
Getting into the Tempurpedic at night...
TV on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night.. (sad...don't judge me)

7 books I love:
Little Women
Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
To Kill A Mocking Bird
The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane
Why do Men Fall Asleep After Sex (answers funny questions like, "How does the Asprin find the pain")
Cook Books
Anything Berenstain Bears

7 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over:
Little Women
Wedding Crashers
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (but always fast forward through Milly's song in the woods)
Pride & Prejudice, the A&E version
Our one family home movie
Far and Away
Napoleon Dynamite... it speaks to me...okay? I just love it.

7 sites I Visit Everyday:
Maybe Hotmail
hmmm Maybe Facebook but my school prohibits that site..
can't think of any others
WebMd? (not everyday..)

7 People From Whom I'd like to hear 7 Sevens of their own choosing if they can be bothered:
Sarah Metcalfe

Monday, February 2, 2009

The not-so-pretty

So, my life is NOT perfect. Although I have tons of amazing people and things to be grateful for, there are still crappy things that happen to me. Just like I am sure every single person who reads this blog, would agree..that they too have 'bummer' aspects of their lives. The biggest 'bummer' I've been dealing with all started on a beautiful warm morning in Hawaii.

A painful "panic attack" found me and then quickly left. This happened a few other times and then this past summer (two years later) they started happening more frequently. One night, early in September while Miles was gone in New York, I woke up experiencing the worst attack I had ever had. It lasted from 3am until 7:45am, so I called my 'Women's Health' doctor and she told me to come in that very day. After a VERY thorough evaluation, and by very thorough, I mean this one question, "Do you feel like you experience dread?" to which my reply was, "Well, I guess I dread getting up in the morning for work, but other than that, no.", She decided to prescribe some anti-depression and anxiety pills.

This just did not sit right with me. Yes, I had just started a very HARD new job and yes, I am NOT a morning person, but NO I don't feel depressed or anxious continually. So I chose not to fill the prescriptions and decided I would wait to see what to do next. Luckily I happened to have yet ANOTHER attack a week later and finally took myself into the E.R. to get checked out.

They had me get an ultra sound of my abdomen and sure enough.. I had gall stones in my gallbladder. In the mean time, they also thought that they saw something "strange" on my liver. GREAT! After a CT scan, the nurse from the doctors office called me very chipper-ly and said, "Oh Emily, I am so glad I got a hold of you! :) It looks like the mass we saw on your liver just ended up being some fatty tissue!! :) But, it was sssooo great that you came in, because it looks like we found a TUMOR on your KIDNEY!! :) I mean, this is just a blessing!!! :)".

I was sick. "What?" was the only thing I could muster out of my mouth. "Are you serious? No, wait, the thing on my liver is nothing, but you found a tumor on my kidney?" The kind nurse was trying her best to calm me down and give me all types of personal stories about how you shouldn't worry about something until you really know what it is...EASY FOR HER TO SAY!

This all happened on a Friday and I had to wait until Monday to talk with the doctor.