Thursday, October 23, 2008

Early Mornings

Mornings have always been a tough area for me to tackle. I absolutely DREAD getting up in the morning. I have vivid memories of my mother coming in to wake me up for preschool and my mind started to grumble. I'd lay there and say the Pledge of Allegiance in my head, sing a song, say the date (All of the things we would do at preschool), in hopes that I had procrastinated getting out of bed long enough that my mom would say, "You know what? Preschool is actually almost over, you may as well go right back to sleep." It never did pan out the way I hoped it would.

My older sister Amanda never struggled to get up quite like I did as a child though. We shared a bedroom, and on Saturday mornings she was right there to wake me up for Saturday Morning Cartoons, just so I didn't miss anything...or so that she wasn't alone..either one works.

All through junior high and high school I would sleep until the absolute LAST minute possible. High school started at 7:30 a.m. and there was NO WAY I was getting up earlier than 7:00.

Nothing changed during college, and even now that I am back in high school. I loathe getting up in the morning. Some mornings I'll have had ample sleep time, but just can't will myself to plant my toes on that carpet. Sometimes I think it is a mental thing, because in the morning, everything is black. All that I have to do during the day is starring me in the face and the thought of making it a reality is just so.. ugly.

This morning was no different. Being to my place of "business" by 7:15 A.M. is PURE TORTURE. Even as I write this and look at the time (7:47) I am stunned I am here. So tell me, what were you doing at 7:15 this morning?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scratchy Tags

My favorite Couch tagged me, so I thought I would play along:

6 random things about me.....

1. I have never had a bloody nose.

2. I have bungee jumped off of a 200 foot bridge over a raging river in the Costa Rican jungle. {Won't ever do that again!}

3. I have Gall Bladder disease. Pesky little gall stones..

4. I can eat Tostitos Lime tortilla chips all day everyday, and while Miles was in Peru, I ate just that for dinner...more than once.

5. I spent 13 hours at work yesterday...Parent Teacher Conferences..ugh.

6. I am eating at the cheesecake factory tonight for book club.

{More to come on the eventful birthday weekend}