Thursday, August 28, 2008

ABC, its easy as...

Wow, what a summer I have had! Let's start at the very beginning...

  • I balled my eyes out at the Salt Lake Airport at 5:00 AM while Miles boarded a plane headed to Peru for 6 weeks
  • Spent the next 5 weeks alone in Provo and weekends at my parents house (helped nurse my mom back to health after a total knee replacement)
  • Flew to Peru to meet Miles and visit Machu Piccu (absolutely unbelievable!)
  • Spent the 4th of July at Spencer and Kate's cabin
  • Pulled out weeds for Miles Law School professor (Remind me never to agree to weed anything in Heber...
  • A last minute trip to Boise and McCall, Idaho to visit Miles sister and her family
  • A last minute trip to New York, where I won front row tickets to Wicked in the lottery
  • And last but not least, I STARTED A NEW JOB! (more to come on that)