Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Long time no talk

Hmm. I haven't posted for a long time. Rachael reminded me of this, but I have a hard time deciding what to post about. Here are ten recent things floating around in my mind:

1) Miles told me this quote, and I love it, "Assume positive intent"
2) When husbands leave you for 6 weeks to go to Lima, Peru..it is no fun!
3) Family reunions in St. George are filled with fun surprises, but always fun to be with family.
4) Summer makes me gitty!
5) Book club is by far one of my most anticipated activities of the month.
6) My father means so much to me. I Would be DEVASTATED if I had lost him.
7) My husband is 1/3 lawyer as of the end of April.
8) NPR is my new favorite radio station.
9) Perspective is everything
10) Meeting Miles in Peru at the end of week 5 will be absolutely FABULOUS.