Friday, December 5, 2008

Getting Real

So I read Betsy's post today about how she felt bad sometimes after reading every one's blogs. Can I just give her a major what-what (while raising the roof) !! I am so on board with you Bets. Although I am addicted to reading other's blogs, I have most definitely had my days where reading other's blogs makes me feel sick. Why you ask? I dunno, maybe because it is all about rainbows and fairy tales, baby blue birds and bows.

When I post something on my blog (which is VERY rare) I don't usually decide to post about how I had a fight with my sister, or the lesson I planned for school totally sucked. Oh no, I post something about how much fun I had doing this, or that, or who knows what. And why? Because who wants to tell the world that they had a fight with their husband last night about whether or not to put the crock pot in the basement (detached from the house) or keep it upstairs where it is READILY AVAILABLE. Well not me of course, I mean, heaven forbid I would be that lame to fight over something that trivial, but then share it with the world? No thanks.

The blogs I love to read the most are not the blogs about the home-made curtains so and so made, or the beautiful creations some child made for their mommy blogger. The blogs I love are the ones who laugh at themselves, and give me something to laugh at.

With that said, I think I have turned a new leaf. Who knows how often I'll post something or if I will actually follow through, but I am going to try to be more realistic in my blogging life. And boy, do I have a lot of un-fun, un-flattering, not so dreamy things I could talk about.

Wow. That feels nice. I think I am going to start liking this blogging thing a lot more.

and guess what... no picture! gasp!

*disclaimer: I just came back and re-read my post and it sounds a bit harsh. By NO MEANS did I want to offend anyone with the way they blog. I absolutely love reading about every one's life, so please no one take offense!