Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tag........I'm it

I was tagged by Mrs. Couch, and I don't want to disappoint, So, here goes:

5 things i was doing 10 years ago:
one. trying to endure Mrs. Grover's home room class in 8th grade
two. loving a boy named Nick Sorenson
three. preparing for my first Virginian summer
four. video taping "hottie talk"(our version of "the view", except strictly about boys in our neighborhood) with Andrea and Melissa and "mystery star reporter" with liz
five. being so insecure it was painful
5 things i was doing 5 years ago:
one. beginning college..oh how i wish i would have studied a little more that first year!
two. had just starting hanging out with my now husband
three. planning the most adventurous, fun, amazing, trip to europe with Anwea
four. experiencing one of my favorite years of life (to date). jill, erin, linden, kaci and sarah made it lots of fun.
five. ditching a missionary for above mentioned love interest

5 snacks i enjoy: only 5?
one. candy
two. licorice
three. gummy anything
four. nachos
five. cheese
5 things i did yesterday:
one. made reservations for a party for anwea
two. went to my favorite class at the gym.
three. went home for lunch and saw a sex change operation done on the TYRA show. YUCK!
four. got 9 hours of sleep
five. made dinner and watched Jazz game with above mentioned husband
5 jobs i've had:
one. A Clean Impression. thanks to amanda's love for dry cleaning, my mom swindled me into taking this sweat shop job.
two. "runner" Xscape Day Spa. gotta love the homosexual spa manager who constantly sent me over to "The Store" to buy him razors with the money from the till. don't worry, i'd slip myself some gummy bears in every once in a while.
three. nanny. best. job. ever. i nannied for the most beautiful, sweet, fun, lovable, smart, little girls ever. and their mother is someone i long to be like and miss chatting with almost every day. can you tell i miss that amazing job? come back nielson's......
four. fruit stand manager. second favorite job. (maybe it had something to do with the fact that the nielson's, the above mentioned family, created the job for me) i got to "lay out", eat fruit, and read all. summer. long.
five. nanny. wost. job. ever. worked for an evil devil worshiper in park city who owns a very popular restaurant up there that i won't mention for fear of ever having to speak of them. lets just say they still owe me $400, and I am NOT willing to go get it.

5 things i would do if i had a million dollars:
one. quit, quit, quit
two. invest
three. travel
four. buy miles a new car
five. remodel my parents home for them
5 tv shows i like:
one. arrested development
two.the biggest loser
three. celebrity rehab
four. the office
five. real world/road rules challenges (i haven't seen one in years though)
5 things i hate doing:
one. moving!!!!!
two. waking up
three. cleaning the toilet (which by-the-way, i think should fall into the list of "manly duties" men are inclined to do, like, taking out the garbage and fixing broken things. I mean, aren't they the ones dirtying it anyway? i've been trying to implement this in my house...trying, is the key word. just a thought)
four. listening to the foreign guy at work eat his peanut butter and jelly sandwich (which by the way he calls a P&J...not pB&j) every morning for breakfast (with his mouth opened) and then proceed to slurp his hot chocolate and BURP to follow it up. yup, hate that.
five. vacuuming. i absolutely loathe the sound of the vacuum.

5 biggest joys of the moment:
one. being in the same room as my miles
two. blogging
three. my dishwasher, washer and dryer, second bathroom, and cable (i know, your sick of hearing about it)
four. having time to read
five. bed time


Amanda the Couch said...

yay! you're back to blogging! I am SO not sick of hearing about how much you love your dishwasher, washer dryer, & cable. i can totally relate. i love hearing about how much someone loves things in their life.

i miss you

Ali Flegal said...

I was honestly gagging as I read your description about the P&J guys eating habits... ugh, sick.

I remember visiting you once at A Clean Impression... I am certain I wasn't there for dry cleaning. I had a new driver's license and needed a place to go - and that was it!

I don't blame you for mentioning the dishwasher, laundry machines, etc as your greatest joys. They're still on my greatest dreams list. But trust me, you'll "hear" about it when that day comes to pass. Great post.

I'm Andrea said...

I like when you post. Do it more often okay favorite friend. Also, lets go to Europe again...maybe tomorrow.

Christi said...

OF COURSE IT IS OK FOR YOU TO SEE MY BLOG! I added you as a reader! How are you doing? I was thinking about you and Camille a couple of days ago when I was driving up Lincoln Lane...oh the good times we had!

Spence & Rach said...

Hi Em,
Ok. So I'm hearing all this about buying a condo, new washer and dryer and dishwasher. My question is, where are you guys? Where is Miles going to law school? I'd love to catch up. Your blog is so cute. You can see your fun personality in it! I love it! We'll leave for AZ as soon as we sell either our house or our lot. Hopefully soon! (But not at the same time!)

Spence & Rach said...

Hi Em,
It is so fun to read your blog! Your personality is all over it! Love it! So I hear all about these new appliances that make life so wonderful, where did you guys move? Where is law school?
email me (its on my blog info) or call me if you still have my #. I've got yours if its the same as a year ago.


Spence & Rach said...

Looks like somebody needs to update her blog! Let us all in on whats going on. Even though I saw you last week. I still like reading about you guys!