Saturday, February 2, 2008

10 things about me..

1. when laying on my back in bed, the covers can NOT be touching my neck. I have to have them up around my face or else I feel like I am being strangled.

2. i hate crumpled up napkins. i will avoid touching one at any cost. why must people crumple them up? i prefer to fold my paper napkin instead of wad it up, you never know what might be lurking in the next crevasse. i know i am crazy...i just hate it.

3. ok...i am going to say it for the whole world to hear....i like to eat cooked carrots with ketchup. there. i said it. please don't judge me.

4. i love to play card games, board games, any type of game. unless people get too competitive, than it isn't fun anymore.

5. i have an extremely hard time wearing v-neck shirts and i've have had this problem since i can remember. i find them to be absolutely hideous on my body and it has turned into somewhat of a phobia. i have begun wearing scoop neck and other variations, but the v-neck, i just can not do.

6. i never knew how much pure love i could have for a dishwasher and washer/dryer. you try going without either for 4 years. not fun.

7. my 2006 self would kill me for saying this, but..i miss school.

8. life without the porcupine is just not as complete.

9. i make 'monsters' or german pancakes every sunday.

10. i absolutely love: charleston chews, maggie moo's ice cream, sugar daddy's, doughnuts, anything gummy, and bubble gum. yum.

{oh, and i have tasted the most disgusting hamburger on the planet, please reference the picture above}


marta said...

yay. you're back on. this photo made me laugh out loud. that hamburger is crazy. and i'm sorry i am one of those wad up my napkins girl. i don't want to be. it just happens.

and yes, the v-neck is not for me either. keep blogging sister. ps. am very jealous of dishwasher. stop rubbing it in.

liz said...

you forgot to add..."i laugh at everything liz says."

that's my favorite thing about you.

Christi said...

that is one big a burger!

Ali Flegal said...

Your blogging absence was certainly missed by me. However it does indicate that you must have a real life; which is something I envy! Where on earth did you find that hamburger? It gives me the heebee jeebees by looking at at! How's life in the new condo? I empathize completely on the frustration of not having a washer/dryer and dishwasher. Ugh. I have high hopes that status will change in 2008 for our family.

I'm Andrea said...

We need to blog more, no doubt about. I hate to say this but I miss our old jobs when we could blog all day. Boo. So where was that yucky burger from?

Devin and Kaci said...

em, i am so happy i stumbled across your blog. I feel so bad cause we really didn't get a chance to talk when we went out to dinner about a month ago. How are things?