Wednesday, August 15, 2007


It has been a while since I have posted anything. And there are many reasons why, but instead of getting into all of those, why don't we just plunge right into some pictures and captions of what I have been up to....

#1) Pyott Family Reunion

Here is my dad, Tatum, Hayden, and Kate with pregnant Amanda on the train ride.

And my grandma (on the left) and her sisters singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

#2) Lake Powell

We went with my sister Allison, her husband Daren, and a bunch of their friends.

We did some of this....

Miles did some surfing off the back of the boat...

After a bit of waiting I did a little of this... (look closely and you will see one seriously terrified person...don't worry I made a human pencil out of myself before I hit the water)

And I did a little bit of this too. I know, I look like I am a true dare devil there. ha.

So, there is the recap. More to come soon.