Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mr. Beck

You know when you are up in the mountains, or somewhere in nature and you just can NOT find words for something. That is how I feel right now.

oh yeah, P.S. I met him at The Grand America last summer.. and shook his hand. We totally shared a moment.

Friday, May 25, 2007


While out to lunch today with my Sole Sisters I started reminiscing about the trip to South America Miles and I took last fall. They were asking me about my likes and dislikes, and I remember such an awfully hilarious day Miles and I had. This is an e-mail I sent home the day after. It's Long, but well, I think it's funny.

Subject: OWIEEE!

Hey ya´ll,

I am sure you could have guessed by the subject line that I am in pain. Yes pain. Not pain from being homesick, or pain from and illness, or even an accident. No, I am in pain because of the never ending, slow moving, grief inflicted day that I endured yesterday. Miles and I thought it would be a great idea to sign up for a tour of the vineyards here in Mendoza. (This was a good idea) We found a tour where you rent a bike and get to ride around visiting the different wineries, as you please. It was called ¨Bikesandwines¨. And we signed up for this one. (This was a bad idea) We thought that it would be fun to get out and do something athletic and see some cool stuff. They had the tour with lunch included, or you could just find a place and get your own lunch. They described the lunch as being sort of, light like cheese and grapes. So we decided to opt out of the lunch (another bad idea). We woke up a teeny bit late so we weren´t able to eat the free breakfast at our hotel before we had to be around the block to where the bus came for us. (another bad move). We ran over to a little kiosk thing and bought two little yogurts and a thing of orange juice. Once walking back to the spot where the bus was coming we started to open our yogurts. After a few tastes I realized that the yogurt we had purchased was some type of yogurt that helps you stay ¨regular¨. (horrible move) This was not going to be a good thing for us to eat some type of laxative right before we went on a bike ride. So we ditched the yogurt. (probably a good thing) So we boarded the bus and headed down the freeway about 10 minutes to a little town. When we got out of the bus, it wasn´t quite like I had imagined it. It was very ¨industrial¨ looking. But I figured that we would probably ride to the quaint part of town where all of the vineyards were. The boy there got us all ready and informed us that if we wanted to eat at the place that everyone else was, that it was okay. We just had to pay there. But right before we were about to leave he said, ¨Make sure you are back by 6:15 p.m., that is when your bus leaves!¨ Hmm...? Did he just say 6? Miles and I were both a bit shocked that we would be riding these things for 8 hours, but figured that since there were about 7 stops all with tours to take, that the tours would take most of the time. Ha.
The road that we were supposed to stay on for the course of the bike ride was a road that reminded me of thirteenth east. But picture it with less cars, and more semi´s. Oh yeah, the road wasn´t big enough to let two cars going opposite directions pass each other, so the bike riders were supposed to ride on the dirt road next to it. covered in baseball size rocks. I know I've told you about all of the crazy drivers, well, they also honk their horns for EVERYTHING!! To say hi to friends, to tell you to move over, let you know they think you are hot, or sometimes on a whim they will just honk. ya know, to be polite. Well, I don´t know if some of you know this, but I am EXTREMELY jumpy! I flinch at any and everything. So, needless to say, this was not fun for me to be on a bike, narrowly being missed by semi´s honking their horns at me while dust and dirt was flying everywhere. We had only been riding probably one minute when I had a really bad feeling about the whole thing.
The tour included a chocolate factory and an olive oil factory among all of the wineries. The olive oil one was all the way at the bottom, so we figured we would go their first, and make our way back up. We stopped at a supermarket about a 1/3 of the way down the road and bought two banana´s and a crazy dry loaf of pre-packaged bread with chocolate chips in it. Yummy! We both remarked that our legs were feeling a bit...ummm, I dunno, sore. But we got back on our bikes and started making our way down the road.
It took forever. I don´t know what the heck the ¨Bikesandwines¨ people are thinking, but I was continually flabbergasted by how the road just conveniently got longer and longer. We finally made it to the olive oil company. I was excited because I have always loved those, ¨how peanut butter is made¨ movies from Mr. Rogers and stuff. Once we were there, they informed us that we were going to have to pay 5 pesos each for the tour, and of course, it was only in Spanish. (¨Bikesandwines¨ told us that all of the cost was figured into the price, and that there would be English tour guides. hmmm) We paid it and headed out on our tour. 30 seconds later we were finished, and back at the beginning. Okay, maybe not 30 seconds. It was probably more like 5 minutes. They showed us the old machines and a new machine, and that was it. We did get some really yummy bread with sun dried tomatoes and oil though.
This was basically the routine at all of the places. Pay a small fee and then see ya later. It was really refreshing to stop though. My bottom (your welcome mom) was crying with pain. The pain slowly moved into my thighs and then to my knees and don´t forget my swollen hands. We decided that the place where everyone else was going to eat was probably our best bet at a decent lunch so we went over there. we had to buzz the gate and a nice lady said,¨You have voucher?¨ We told her ¨no, but that they had told us that we would be able just to buy lunch.¨ I bet you can guess what happened. Yup...they were too full. We had just biked out of our way to go to a place where we weren´t able to eat. We didn´t let it get us down though. We just pulled out our loaf of bread and started gnawing on it. Good thing we kept it.
By this time both of our rears were aching like crazy. So we decided to walk our bikes. We also thought that would kill some time considering it was only 2-ish by then. Little things like this kept happening, but for both of our sakes I´ll just say it was one heck of a long day. By 5:30 p.m. my legs were no longer able to move, and neither of us were comfortable sitting or standing. We got home, showered, ate, and went to bed. We both feel pretty good today, well except for our new stomach bug. Oh the joys of travel!
Now, with all of that said. I am having such a wonderful experience. During our time yesterday (walking the bikes) we talked about how crazy it is that people actually live in ¨destitution¨, or that is what we would call it. There is no underground sewer, no sidewalks, GRASS, no garbage pick-up, hair dryers, nail polish, deodorant, warm showers, cars, carpet, lazy boys, washers, dryers, dish-washers, or any of the things we take advantage of. And these people LIVE here their whole lives. This is LIFE for them. day after day and guess what, they are happy. So, for this Thanksgiving, I am not being thankful for those things, but I am thankful for the wonderful husband I have. Because no matter how many times I ask him to spell words for me, he still answers nicely. I can talk for hours and he still acts interested. I can complain about our hotel, city, clothes, shampoo, food, feet, or just about anything, and he acts sympathetic. He reminds me to be nice, when he thinks I am being to harsh, in just the right way. He makes me feel loved, accepted and wanted every day, and for that I am thankful. For the fact that I can always count on my family and friends. That I have three homes full of people that will love me no matter what. I have nieces and nephews that are clean and healthy and beautiful. So this year, I am so thankful for all of you.

{Picture Miles and I there in the picture but without the beautiful scenery, tandem bike, or the smiles}

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

The second annual RONIVAl!

Well, I am back. The Ronival was bigger and better than ever this year. Here are a few pictures:

This was the view of the "front party". Most of the adults were out here with small children to play in the big tiger. Oh, and for the fun drinks under the blue tent. The line for the dunk tank was out of control later on in the evening.

Here is a close up of the bouncy tiger. It looks like a blast, but I didn't throw myself in there, but I wanted to.

There is Ron...his first horsey ride! That is his proud papa, Nick there on the left. {note, the sign up on the building reads: "Welcome to the Ronival! Sponsored by Budweiser ha ha}

This was the party in the back. The first two slides are water sides, and the third is a large obstacle course. Miles and I tied 2 to 2 when we raced each other. My arms still ache.

No Ronival is complete without 3 Birthday cakes. I personally thought the white cake was the BEST!

The food was brought in from some yummy BBQ place. It included: BBQ beef sandwiches, hot dogs, baked beans, meatballs, chicken kabobs, pasta salad, fruit, and veggies. YUM!

And then there was Coxy the Clown. A friend of Nick's that learned how to make balloon animals. Last year he did so well, they had to have him come this year. They also had a magician, but he was just an old guy and not dressed up, so he didn't make the picture cut.

So, all in all, the Ronival was out of control this year, but so much fun!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Ronival!

Later today I am taking off to Boise for Ronald Sabala's second Birthday party. That is him at my wedding last summer. He turned two today. Last year for his first birthday party, Miles suggested they throw Ron a RONival, instead of a Carnival, and I guess it stuck. Last year the party included 3 blow up castles similar to this..
One of the kids favorites was the dunking machine,
Most everyone enjoyed a family friend dressed up as a clown, except for Miles, who HATES clowns,
And last but certainly not least, the adults favorite part..

This year I think there have been some upgrades. They are bringing in ponies, a magician, and face painting. Done by none-other-than ME! So wish me luck on my new adventure this weekend!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

jogging, bikers, ashley poulton and sheriffs?

So last night I decided to jog from my apartment over to my parents house to watch the Jazz game with my super cool cousin Craig. I didn't think much of anything about the jog, but made sure Craig new that I would be jogging over, ya know... just in case something happened. It was such a beautiful day with PERFECT running weather and I couldn't have asked for anything more refreshing. I was running south on 20th east past Evergreen Junior High School and on through the neighborhood.

As I came to the funny four way stop where Siggard meets 20th east, I noticed two cyclists. I didn't get a good look at the second one but the first one got eerily close to me with his bike. He was turning west down Siggard as I was running south on 20th. Because he was so close to me, I got a good look at his face and what not. I felt a little strange about it, but just kept running. I was thoroughly caught up in the run and enjoying "Born in the U.S.A" by Bruce Springsteen and was 'feelin the burn'.

About a block down the street, all of a sudden I felt by bum being grabbed just like you would grab a cookie sheet out of the oven, with your palm facing up. It was a forceful grab, and it threw me way off guard. The person grabbed my bum again, and at that moment, I started a thought process that went as follows: "Is that Miles? No, he is at work. I guess it could be someone like Leigh Cornu because her mom lives close"...and I turned my body away from the person, only to see that it wasn't anyone I knew. It was the boy on the bike that had gotten strangely close to me earlier. I immediately started to scream! "YOU *BEEP *BEEP GET BACK HERE! YOU LITTLE PIECE OF *BEEP," and much much more, but I think you get the picture. The jerk had snuck up on me in BROAD DAY LIGHT, on a really busy street, and he would have had to have been balancing on his bike next to me because I was jogging so slow. After I started yelling expletives he slowly turned his bike around and started riding away. My thoughts after that point were: "I should sprint after him and push him off his bike. But I am exhausted, I've just ran about three miles. If he hears me coming after him, he will just take off on his bike!" Sadly, I just let him ride away. I kept looking for the other biker I had seen with him, but he was no where in sight.

Needless to say I was horrified. One of the craziest things was that there wasn't ONE person around, NOT A SOLE. Not one car drove by, or dog barked, it was completely SILENT. I was left all alone and still had the last bit to run to get back to my parent's house. I decided to keep running. At that point I was hyperventilating but thought to myself, "just get home". I got across 39th south and saw another girl jogging my way. It was Ashley Poulton. She lifted her arm up to say hi, and I ran over to her. She was the first person I saw that I knew. Looking back, I am sure I looked like a lunatic because tears just sprang from my eyes. She was running towards the road that I was groped on, so I told her, "Please don't run that way, change your route. Some guy just grabbed me." She could see that I was really upset and offered to jog me home, but I assured her I'd be okay.

The whole rest of the way home I was constantly looking behind me to see if the guy was coming again. It was the WORST feeling ever! I have never felt so helpless and violated at the same time. I made it home safe and sound and walked inside to find my Mom (and I can NEVER hold back the tears from her) and Dad sitting at the kitchen counter, and before I knew what I was saying, tears were streaming from my eyes and my dad was on the phone with the police. Not soon after that my dad drove off in his car to...I dunno...beat them up? Obviously he didn't find any of them, but was able to calm himself down enough to at least come back and eat dinner. We waited for the police man and when he came he made me describe the little...jerk (your welcome mom).

{And here is his description. Just so you all can be aware}

  • Male: 18-25 yrs old

  • University of Utah cycling shirt

  • Black spandex biking shorts

  • White helmet

  • Black sunglasses

  • Fair skin

  • Small genitals HA! (sorry mom)

The officer also told me to always carry Mace, a cell phone, and change up my jogging routes. So pass on the information.

I know this doesn't sound very scary, but it was. It was soo horrifying to be screaming, and not to have anyone hear me. It also made me feel like I have NO power in situations like that. Every girl needs to be careful, tell your family and friends where you will be jogging or walking and always call the police if something does happen.

{and yes, that is me in the picture}

Monday, May 14, 2007


So, yesterday was Mother's Day. I'm sure all of you love your mom's, and actually I have read about the love you have for them via blog, but my love for my mom exceeds all. My mom is truly the most selfless person I have ever known.

when I was about 7 years old my mom went back to teaching at Skyline High School. I was entering the second grade, and was excited because I could tell how happy and lucky my mom felt about getting such a great job. Now as I look back, I am sure she wasn't "happy" about going back to work, but was relieved that she got such a great position.

Over the years she would continually save her money for things that I wanted or needed. Here are just a few examples:

  1. For senior trip, she gave me her free flight she had earned from her credit card miles.

  2. She gave me money for a down payment on my first car.

  3. Let me put over $2,000 on HER credit card when I up and flew to Europe with Andrea. {that I also didn't pay off for a few years after}

  4. For the last year of college, she gave me $200 a month to live on.

These examples all have to do with money, but my mom gives so much of herself on a daily basis, for example:

  1. Guess who did the dessert dishes last night...(Mother's Day)...her.

  2. She acts super interested in the Jazz game just because she knows it will make my dad happy.

  3. She makes sure her husband has dinner EVERY NIGHT (this is something I think most moms of our generation do for their husbands, its just my generation ...or me....that doesn't do this anymore)

  4. She drops anything for her children. If one of us is having an issue or a bad day, she is there in a heart beat. She will talk to you on the phone or in person until she has calmed us down enough to say, "You are tired, this will all be better in the morning." or "This too will pass" or the worst (but most accurate) "Do you need some Ibuprofen?"

I was not a very easy teenager. My mom and I were butting heads more than either of us wanted to. I feel sad about it because of the friendship I have developed with her. I didn't have the easiest time in high school and when I would talk to my mom about things she would listen and always try to say the right thing. At that point, nothing was the right thing, but I wish she knew just how helpful she really was. And this is the last example I am going to share of my mom:

When I was 17 I was having a particularly difficult school year. Things with boys and friends were not easy. One night I started telling my mom what was going on. I was telling her about how hard I thought things were, and how I really felt about what was going on. At that point I lost it. I cried like a baby. She was sitting on a chair and told me to walk over to where she was. I sat down in her lap, she put her arms around me, and she rocked me. We were both crying at this point, but I remember the palpable love that was shared at that moment. I love my mom more than I could ever say in words.

Thanks for everything Mom.

{That pic isn't the best but its all I have, Thanks to andrea}

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Jazz

So, it has been so much fun to watch the Jazz lately! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't schedule my life around what game is on next or anything like that, but lately I have really been into all of the playoff games. This is something that brings Miles happiness to no end. During the winter months Miles has a terrible time trying to get me to watch anything Football. I hate it!! Someone needs to remind me what the fun in sitting in front of the television ALL DAY LONG on a Sunday afternoon is. Or, sitting in a stadium freezing your tush off. I can't stand it. So, When basketball season comes rolling around (college that is) Miles starts to feel a little sports relief, because that is when I start to get interested.

And, if I am honest.. I only like to watch the Jazz when they are winning. I mean, lets face it, who wants to watch a losing team? Which is what the Jazz have been the last few years. ( I am sure Miles would disagree with me on that) But now that they have been winning, I am all into it!

Last night over a meatloaf, rice, and left-over jello (from baby William's blessing) dinner, Miles and I listened to HOT ROD announce the first half of the game. The sad thing is, that we don't have cable. The even sadder thing is that our network T.V. is constantly fuzzy. So after adjusting the rabbit ears and getting everything ready, Dr. Phil was the only thing we saw on KJAZZ. Miles was quite disappointed. So, at the half we took our banana cream pie over to Miles parents home and parked ourselves in front of the telly. And I must say, you can't beat a home cooked meal and a winning Jazz game. Go Jazz!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Mmm Good.

So last night, Miles and I were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of a most superb dinner. Chelsea had prepared a feast for us, complete with an artichoke for an appetizer, breaded chicken and the yummiest corn chowder for the main course, and key lime pie for dessert. This was most likely the best meal Miles and I have had in quite some time. The food was amazing and the company was even better. We were having such a fun time Miles didn't even notice that he had almost missed all of the Jazz game, but when we got home he had a fully belly and was able to watch the exciting end! Thanks for such a fun night Chelsea!

{thanks to Nancy Midwicki for the photo}