Monday, April 30, 2007

I love Swaps

On Friday after work I came home to the most beautiful surprise! A package filled with amazing "feel good" products that was all just for me. Alyson must have some serious ESP because she knew exactly what I would like.

To be honest, my first reaction to my wonderful swap gift was embarrassment. Alyson had made her package perfectly pretty , while I just wrapped my things in tissue and had Miles send them in a bubble envelope....but the feeling didn't last too long once I started immersing myself with all of the amazing things before me.

The first thing my eyes were drawn to was this little tin box chuck full of tropical green tea. I have a sneaky suspicion that Alyson hand made them all because the paper at the top of the tea bag with hand written instructions on it, matched the home-made card.

There was also some MMM good chap stick and soap, but my favorite items were....

These pint-sized, perfectly practical, pocket journals. They are titled Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and have a cuter-than-cute design to match each season. There are a million different things I could used them as, but wouldn't it be fun if I wrote a few things every spring in the spring one, and winter things in the winter one, so when I am forty and look back, I'll have a bunch of books with amazing things happening for the time of year?!

I certainly lucked out having Alyson as a partner. I hope she enjoys my gifts! They should be getting there any day now.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Little Women

Last night at a wonderful book club party hosted by Lizzie dear, I was reminded of my undying love of the book (and movie for that matter) Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I am going to let you guys in on some of the amazing quotes from the book.

Here is today's:

This is a conversation between Jo and Marmee about their tempers.

"Poor Mother! What helped you then?"

"Your Father, Jo. He never loses patience - never doubts or complains- but always hopes, and works, and waits so cheerfully that one is ashamed to do otherwise before him. He helped and comforted me, and showed one that I must try to practice all the virtues I would have my little girls possess, for I was their example. It was easier to try for your sakes than for my own; a startled or surprised look from one of you when I spoke sharply, rebuked me more than any words could have done; and the love, respect and confidence of my children was the sweetest reward I could receive for my efforts to be the woman I would have them copy."

I love this quote. It perfectly describes how I feel about Miles and I think it is dead on about a mothers love.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

There I am. Yep, that is me crossing the finish line at the end of my 5K run. Yes, I know, a 5K isn't that impressive, actually it is a bit embarrassing considering that people running the half marathon (exceptional runners) were finishing at the same time I was. But, none-the-less, I absolutely LOVED my experience. There is something amazing about running as the sun comes up over our mountains, in the silent of the morning, with hundreds of other people.
After my group was separated a bit, I was running by myself and I couldn't help but become sentimental a few times. I was just so overcome with emotion for my health and the beauty of the moment. I am so glad I decided to do it, even though I am anything BUT a morning person. Yay for 5k's, Megan, Marta, and SLC! Yoohoo!

Friday, April 20, 2007


I have been inspired by my newest blogger friend Alyson and have decided to make a list.

So here goes.

Things I am thankful for today:
  • Life
  • My job
  • New little babies (and the brewing baby boys)
  • The weather to be warm enough to wear my new forever21 t-shirt
  • Miles is working, but not the late shift
  • Marta's Swap
  • My cheap apartment
  • Cherry Lime-aide's
  • My Health! (I am running the SLC Marathon's 5K tomorrow)
  • Miles family

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

april showers?

So, its SNOWING!!
Here we are in the middle of April and for a few hours now, the snow has been continually falling. Luckily it hasn't been sticking much considering it is still 49 degrees out there.
Normally this would probably get on my nerves. I am definitely a sun/summer girl, so snow is never a good thing, but for some reason I really am enjoying the moisture. And as my friend Megan pleasantly reminded me this morning, "Rain in spring is so beautiful because the bark on the trees darkens and it makes the green leaves next to the bark look that much more amazing." she is so right.
*thanks to astrocruzan for the photo.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Love Liz

This is Liz. She is yet another one of my oldest friends. Actually, she is the friend I have had the longest. Our mothers were good friends when we were born 3 1/2 months apart. Until we were eight we lived in the same neighborhood in Sandy and then by chance we both moved at the same time to Holladay.
She is by far the strongest girl I know. 2007 has been one heck of a year so far for my Lizzie, but the truth is, she is the person everyone goes to for strength. Her older siblings, friends, and father look up to her for answers and I feel guilty to say that, so do I.
This past month she has been in Maine helping family and I can NOT wait until she comes home on Friday! YAY!!

10 hearts and 10 hates

The ever amazing Marta gave us all an indirect invitation or "tag" to write 5 hearts & 5 hates. I choose to post more hearts than hates because I had so many floating around in my head.


  1. my mom

  2. sun tanning (not to be confused with fake baking)

  3. an amazing deal (Downeast, Thrift Town, T.J. Maxx, or Nordstrom Rack)

  4. laughing so hard that I cry

  5. real conversations with friends

  6. reminiscing with friends and family

  7. well-behaved toddlers (one just came into work, so adorable)

  8. how earrings can totally spice-up an outfit

  9. a great book

  10. Arrested Development


  1. snooty/moody-ness

  2. when miles works the late shift

  3. when i press the radio preset to change the station and I hit the button for the same station

  4. being angry

  5. sour candy


I have to give a special shout out to my dear friend Andrea. If it weren't for her creativity and smarts, my blog would be nothing. She is not only one of my longest friends, but someone that I can tell anything. She has impeccable taste in literature, food, clothing, art, people (namely me!!) and always knows the exact right thing to say. I love her.

Monday, April 16, 2007

im back

oh, how i have missed you. i am glad to be back with a new blog. hope you will stay tuned.