Wednesday, October 24, 2007


So, exactly one year ago today, Miles and I were in Uruguay. Here is a little exert from the e-mail I sent home. I love reading through those e-mails, but I am sure others don't. So, with that said....

When we made it to our hotel, Pasada Del Flor, we were so relieved to see it. It was so beautiful. Maybe I like it so much because it reminds me of our place in the Nevada Manor. All of the rooms face one another and there is a court yard in the middle.

This place doesn't have all of the fake dogs and stuff, but it does have a lazy cat that lays in the sun all day long. It is really quiet here, which is a nice change from Buenos Aires. We were starving, so we went to a little place that the girl working at the hotel told us the food would be fresh at. While looking at the menu I asked miles what ¨Anana¨ was because when I took Spanish in junior high, our pervert teacher told us that it was pineapple. I love pineapple pizza, so I got sorta excited. Miles informed me that it was mustard. I was sorely disappointed to say the least. So when the server came by I asked her just to be sure, and she assured me that it WAS pineapple! WOOHOO!! Not only was I excited about the scrumpcious food I was about to partake, but I knew a word that the Spanish student didn't! Thank you Mr. Provoste. I felt so smart. My high was taken from 10 down to a 2 when they brought it out though. It turns out miles had been right about the mustard. Yes my pizza was pineapple, but it had mustard drizzled ALL OVER IT!! What in the heck is all that about? Mustard on Pizza? SICK! It did turn out to be okay though. I just scraped it off, and lucky me, condiments are not the same down here and the mustard was some type of gelatin, so it came off easily!

Here are some of the rest of the pictures we took while in Colonia, Uruguay.


Ali Flegal said...

So, the last time I read your blog, it said "Change"... so then today, when I pulled it up it said "Uruguay" and my immediate thought was, "Holy crap, Emily and Miles are moving to Uruguay!" - I was obviously mistaken, but my heart did leap out of my chest!

liz said...

after traveling outside the US, one thing i have learned is to not trust anything on the menu. period.

ps. i mr. provoste the one who would put his foot up on the desk and rock back and forth or was that your math had weird teachers.