Thursday, October 25, 2007


Yes, that is right. Provo. It has been haunting us since January of this year. We fought it all winter, spring and summer. In August, Miles gave in and started commuting down by bus. Over the last few months we have been prying ourselves away from the gravitational pull towards the Happy Valley, but I am afraid we were captured.

On Monday I will be joining Miles for the commute each and every day. We are still warming up to the idea of moving down to P town, but I am sure over time we will be sucked in by the Provo gods. But putting all joking aside, this move might be really good for us. Neither miles nor I have ever lived out of Salt Lake City, and it might just be fun to have a new interesting experience.

Let me know what type of experience you have had with Provo, or if you have any pointers.


Ape said...

I am taggin you....go to my blog for details.

liz said...

you know where i stand...can't wait for you to join me here! call me after work. i want to hear all about your first day! mwah.

Kade and Kimber Walton said...


I lived down in Provo my first year of college; to be honest I thought I would hate it, but after a couple months it grew on me...scary!! Eat at Pita Pit on the corner of University and Bulldog and believe me, you will not want to leave!!

Amanda the Couch said...

oh my gosh! how cute is kimber??? love her. can't wait to see another posting sometime in the next decade. hee hee. we need to do gingerbread houses!