Friday, September 14, 2007

Oh my goodness!

So, I know, I have been M.I.A. lately. I have been doing lots of fun stuff though, so I am here to let you in on a bit of the fun stuff!

On August 17th Miles and I celebrated our first anniversary!

{I have to just take a second and put a thought out there to all you married women. I remember when Miles and I were dating, I would get ready and when he got to my house *BAM* there I was. Showered, blow-dried, painted, blushed, shaved, dressed, lotioned, and perfumed. Now when we go out to a nice dinner, he gets the before, during, and after. For some reason I really hate this. I don't know if it is the woman inside of me that only wants him to see the finished product, or if it is the O.C.D. talking. Do any of you feel that same way?}

But, anyway, we were off on our first anniversary date.

I made sure that the fan was here in the picture because that fan was our saving grace this summer. Oh yeah, there is Miles. Because there are just the two of us, we had to take turns being in the pictures. Miles has a problem with taking pictures and not being silly. So here in this one he is doing that dance move where you cross your hands across your knees while you open and close them. Isn't that...cute, well he is.

We started out the night at Flemmings down at the Gateway. The food was pretty good but the best part was that we were there so early that we were literally the ONLY people in the restaurant. I should have taken pictures of the steak and potatoes because those were the good parts. This picture is of the greeting/bread basket.

After dinner we went down to the other end of the mall and saw "Superbad". I know, very romantic. And NO it was NOT romantic. Immature and shocking, YES.

Following the movie we stopped at Maggie Moos on the way home. Oh how I love that ice cream shop.

And even though we didn't eat our wedding cake on the exact night, we did eat it a few days later, and here are a few pictures of that:

I just have to say that my cake was so incredible. It was so beautiful and tasted amazing on the actual day, and still looked fantastic and didn't taste too bad a year later!

It is strange to think that we aren't "newlyweds" anymore, but I am so excited for the rest of our lives, that I think I can live with "the ol' ball and chain"!


Ali Flegal said...

Thanks for the gentle reminder that Andrew and I still need to celebrate our third year anniversary. We spent the day flying back from Germany and that was the complete opposite of romantic. Congrats to a fellow August 17th-er...

liz said...

presh. i love you two. come live by me. now.

Ape said...

Congrats on a great year! Here's to 60+ more.

liz said...

em...what's going on..i keep coming back here looking for more postage...but there is none. pretty please.