Saturday, September 29, 2007

Catch Up

Sun Valley

Baby Spencer's birth

And a Rockin' Cowboy Party for Annie's 5th birthday

And here are some cute pics of all the little kidos. Hayden's picture is a bit old, but it's all I had.

The three little girls...

Baby Kate and the Fourth

Mr. Hawke and the Tatester

And the newest addition..Jr.


liz said...

thank you for posting again. it's about stinkin all the pics..and i can not get over how adorable that one is of you and little william the 4th. heck.

ps. so fun to see you 2x last week. lucky me. now move in to my house.

Ali Flegal said...

Your blogging presence has been missed. Congrats on the new nephew. He's very cute. Now that we're living in the same state, can I please see you?

marta said...

these babies are booo-tiful. you'll have to post photos of their costumes too. such a good little family.