Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wish us Luck

Tonight Miles and I are off on a red-eye flight for back east. We will be visiting a few law schools and playing of course. Our first stop is DUKE, in North Carolina, Second is University of Virginia, in Charlotte, and then to NYU in NYC. We return next week, but I just can not wait for a fun new adventure. Does anyone know any fun things we should do in NYC, or D.C. Let me know!


love.boxes said...

Go NYU! My brother got his MBA there. It's pretty cool to have your graduation held at Madison Square Garden!

When in NYC, my favorite thing is to roam through the garment distict and buy ribbons. Not for everyone I'm sure, but it's walking distance from Grand Central as almost everything is.

Have fun and GOOD LUCK! All of those schools are wonderful and it would be great to get in any of them! Best Wishes... :)

Amanda the Couch said...
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Amanda the Couch said...

Have a Holly Golightly moment with breakfast at Tiffanys on 5th Ave!

good luck, we'll all be missing you while you're absent.