Monday, June 25, 2007

This Weekend

We kicked it off by meeting my parents on a double date, down at Rumbi's Island Grill, then venturing over to Trolley Square to see if we would like to see any of their movies. None of us were too excited over their selection, so we decided to part ways with the rents.

Miles and I then went home to continue watching our DVD of all the season 3 episodes of The Office. (and if anyone asks, we don't know where we got it. It just showed up at our house one day. ha ha)

Then on Saturday Lizzie, Andrea and I went down to Gateway for a fun filled day of shopping eating, and leaving Lizzie's number for Bobbie at CPK.

Olympic Fountain at Gateway Plaza - Salt Lake City (UT)

The highlight though, was this little number I picked up from Anthropologie.

This little piece of heaven came in handy on Sunday when miles and I had to speak in church. (insert weary look here) I of course cried the entire time, and read VERBATIM from my papers. UGH! I am the WORST. At least I had a new dress. Immediately after our talks, we drove down to Lehi for baby Isabelle's blessing.

Of course she is bigger now, but has that same basic look to her. She is the real slice of heaven!
All in all we had a wonderful weekend!


I'm Andrea said...

Stupid Rodrigo. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE that dress.

marta said...

surely your weepy face looked purrdy in that anthro dress! (wish i could have shopped til i dropped with you gals..but it's probably best i didn't!)

Anne said...

Love the dress! And, gotta love the obligatory couples talk in church.

I am April F. Harrison said...

I love the dress too! Although you did forget to mention your Saturday morning breakfast with ME! Rude...We enjoyed seeing you. I will try to keep Tatum more quiet next time.

Ali Flegal said...

Rodrigo has visited my blog too! I hope we hang out when I am back home. We have much more in common than our anniversary, I am discovering as I read your blog... SUCH AS - I can't get a tan either, I HATE paper things and won't touch them...and I also have a thing for Christian Bale. He can sing and act. Anyway - I hope you're doing well... I am loving the blog.

Amanda the Couch said...

who wrote "holy crap, you're retarded?" cuz i don't think you are at all, however its kinda funny. what's up with Rodrigo? you think i have weirdos comment my site???? at least my freakys attempt to write in english.

love you!

liz said...

saturday was the best! i sure needed a dose of ... YOu. wish i coulda laid my ears and eyes on you sunday, i am sure everyone just thought you were a-dorable. can't wait for the next EEFH event.

ps. forgot to tell you bobby called...oh wait. no. he hasn't. he must think i am such a desparate, blonde-hair, white-shirt, floozy.

Chelsea Anne Lorimer said...

Em your talk was awesome! And that dress is one to envy.