Thursday, June 28, 2007


{this is me questioning... Taken by Anwea long ago}

  1. Spend the money on the car, or get rid of it?

  2. Splurge and get our own internet access?

  3. Should I hang all of the pictures, the new print?

  4. Buy a window AC unit for our bedroom?

  5. Should I be freaking out Marta?

  6. Will my rolls turn out?

  7. Do I have enough chairs?

  8. How to fill up Friday night?

  9. How long before we know?

  10. Which digital camera to buy?

  • What do you think?


I am April F. Harrison said...

1. Depends on the deal your getting
2. Wait until you know if you moving or not
3. Hang them all
4. Again wait, you could always sleep in the living room
5. NO a good hostess never freaks out
6. Yes
7. You can always bring a blanket for people to sit on-it's summer
8. ? Not sure how to answer this one
9. I wish I knew
10. Nikon D80 the best!

marta said...

01. become a one car family. all the cool (and poor) kids are doin' it.
02. yes. love the internet. especially for law school.
03. yes. hang pictures, add your personalization to your li'l home.
04. nah. fans, drink slurpees, sleep naked.
05. freak out - yes, but remain very very excited. a calm, cool cucumber. everything will be smooth sailing. hee hee.
06. of course.
07. of course. no biggie.
08. shopping, chick flicks, baking, blogging, scrapping, knitting, reading, going to bed early after laying out.
09. uhh.. hopefully soon. i'm keeping my fingers crossed!
10. a good one.. inexpensive but gets the job done. no 'bells or whistles' necessary.

Katie said...

this is so fun emily...i'm glad i'm not the only one worrying about my rolls.

Amanda the Couch said...

1} I'm with Marta, be a one car couple. its not as bad as you would expect and you end up spending even more time together.
2}just steal interent, hee hee just kiddin, it depends on what "splurge" means. if its 50 bucks maybe, if its 90 NO WAY.
3}yes, hang hang hang, it will help you feel more complete and will show your excellent style.
4}again depends on how much. my pregnant heart says spend the money for the cool, i don't think you'd regret it.
5}don't freak marta out, she is so nice.
6}yes your rolls will turn out wonderfully. you are a great cook!
7}people can sit on the floor.
8}hang out with your uber cool sisters! stroll barnes & nobel, get a snow cone with hayden (they're only $1!!!) visit marilee and bill, they'll probably take you to dinner!
9}i have no advice on this, i just know that it SUCKS! i'm sorry its taking so long, but soon it will be all over.
10}get one like april's if you can afford it. my only complaint on mine is that it takes forever for my flash to re-charge. booo

k, i love ya!

I'm Andrea said...

#2. Absolutley get internet access. How have you survived this long without it?
#3. Yes, hang all the pictures. Yes yes yes yes.
#10. Nikon D80, but you will have to share with me. That camera is the bomb dot com.