Wednesday, June 20, 2007

My Dad

50 things I ADORE about my father:
  1. Daddy daughter dates to the gas station for Gummy Worms.
  2. Helping him around the yard (except mowing the hill! I hate that).
  3. Buzz games back in the day.
  4. Young Men/Young Women activities, always having a friend there.
  5. Dates to Mimi's Cafe.
  6. Swimming in the pool with him.
  7. Holding his big, tan, hand while walking to church.
  8. Playing the finger game during church.
  9. Playing Slug bug everywhere we went.
  10. Taking me fishing.
  11. Biking with me up to my Grandma Shirley's.
  12. Jogging with me.
  13. Watching nature shows on Sunday's in the cool basement.
  14. Watching my soccer games and cheering me on.
  15. Racing to see who can get in their "jammies" faster.
  16. Playing Sorry late at night.
  17. Watching him shave and sing "Down go the mean old pokies".
  18. Experiencing Trek with him.
  19. Going to the University of Utah games with him.
  20. Asking for "High sky" on the swings.
  21. "Swivel hips" on the tramp.
  22. Picking up apples at grandma's
  23. Playing "First one to see a cow gets a prize" or "First one to see Lagoon...a house"...etc.
  24. Shredded Wheat with nutri-sweet and raisins.
  25. Our Pug noses.
  26. Instantaneous defense/panic/worry mode he jumps into when I am in distress.
  27. Dropping me off for school in the blue van and kissing his check every year until college.
  28. His teary eyes when telling a touching story.
  29. His adoration for his own father and especially his mother.
  30. Playful days with the grandchildren.
  31. Summer BBQ's on Sunday's in the backyard.
  32. Samoan presentations for my second grade class, slap dance and all.
  33. He dresses up every Halloween to hand out candy.
  34. When he kisses my mom.
  35. His love for his pets: fish, bird, and lets not forget BUDDY!
  36. How, when it is the right moment he can be a total goof-ball. (that's where I got it)
  37. Tagging along with him on sales calls, when I had the Chicken Pox. (my mom was smart and had me take a bunch of read-a-long-to-tapes-books, and I'll never forget..Have a gratitude attitude!)
  38. Taking me to lunch or dinner on my birthday.
  39. Picking me up from school when sick.
  40. When we found "Schmeg" in our 5 year old ice cream we were using for Root Beer Floats.
  41. The noise he makes when something he deems inappropriate happens on the television. it sounds like: mmmmmmmM.
  42. His blue eyes that we share.
  43. His hatred for Perms and love for brownies. The combinations he receives every couple months through my mother.
  44. During road trips we can be in the middle of no where and he will have been out of "Talk Radio" range for 2 hours, but we still continue to listen to FUZZ.
  45. When opening gifts, he will always feel, shake, smell, and then guess what the present is, and usually be right.
  46. His amazing athleticism at the age of ...60. He could out run, bike, hike, any of us or his friends, for that matter.
  47. When he used to get in the gorilla mask and creepy hands out and torment us until Amanda would have a break down.
  48. When he exclaims, "Alright!".
  49. His drive to give his children and wife a wonderful family and a comfy place to fall.
  50. How I'll always be his Spesh.

I love you dad, I hope your Father's Day was fantastic!

{thanks to Andrea for the pics. Best non-bridesmaid EVER}


liz said...

oh emmy. what a sweet post. i just love that first picture of you and your daddy. he's such a softy. so glad i have memories of the "adventurous" family trips i got to tag along on...from 4-wheelin' in the van to coasting down 1-15 {in neutral} to esclante. what fun!

I'm Andrea said...

i love your daddy too. you and him are twiners in so many ways. sweet sweet sweet.

I am April F. Harrison said...

You said it best! Ditto! What a great post! I am so glad Liz has seen the adventures of the Fagergren Family in full force! I think we are very entertaining.

Ali Flegal said...

Are we kidding - I didn't know what a beautiful bride you were until I saw these pictuers. What an amazing dad you have. This post had me laughing and tearing up at the same time... LOVED IT - great pics Andrea.

Amanda the Couch said...

yup, its 8:47 and i am bawling here at my desk, trying to hide my tears from my coworkers. i love this post, and i love you! thanks for posting this and reminding me how lucky i am to have Jr. as a dad.


marta said...

em, this list is so sweet. i love picturing the big tanned hands, your same noses and matching beautiful blue eyes. surely you are his fave!

'hatred for perms and love for brownies' makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I hate perms too.

Megs said...

Emeline! Cute cute!! I loved this! Your dad sounds so sweet! I loved "The noise he makes when something he deems inappropriate happens on the television. it sounds like: mmmmmmmM." my dad does the SAME thing!! LOL. Very special Daddy/Daughter relationship!