Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I find that each year I evolve more and more into a bigger and better prude. I find myself wanting to stand up and leave the theater more often during movies (something I would have NEVER, EVER done in high school, or even a few years ago in college). The latest experience I have had where I felt like I wanted to get up and leave, was when Sarah and I ventured over to Movies 10 and waisted two hours watching Because I said So. A movie that most people felt the same disdain for, which you can read about on my sister Amanda's blog.
{note: I did stand up and walk out of The 40 Year Old Virgin because Miles and I were there with his FATHER, sister, and her husband. But I would be leading you on to believe I am better than I really am if I didn't inform yo0u that I later rented the movie....and watched the whole thing}

But even that experience wasn't going to keep me from seeing movies that I knew deep down I wouldn't enjoy, such as: The Departed, Blood Diamond, Smokin Aces, and I know everyone will hate me for saying this but, Dreamgirls.
{another note: I absolutely hated that movie. I am sorry, but if I wanted some lady to scream at me for 3 hours straight I would have gone and asked my landlord if I could use her master key (after locking myself out...again). And that is what Jennifer Hudson was doing..."NNeeeeveer gonna leave me NNNEEEEEEVVVVVERRRR" Ugh, that is the one movie I sooo wish I would have walked out of!}

Now, I am sure most of you are thinking to yourselves, "She has no idea what a good movie is. Her artistic taste and blah, blah, blah,". And you know what? I completely agree with you. You are probably right on. I love walking out of a movie feeling happy and satisfied. I love the perfect ending, no violence, and the fru fru. So, for all of you out there who are closet lovers of the fru, fru, here are a few of my most recent favorite movies:

1) Stranger Than Fiction

This movie was So refreshing. It had a new story line, great actors, and was thoroughly entertaining.

2) The Painted Veil

This movie was so beautiful. The cinematography was amazing, and it was a new version of a love story. It didn't have any nudity, sex, violence, or bad language. I loved it. {that's the prude part of me coming out}

3) The Pursuit of Happyness

This movie was by far the best movie all year long. I am sure everyone has seen it because it would be a travesty if you haven't. It knows how to pull on your heart-strings, and if it didn't affect you, you must be dead. Please, you must watch this movie.

There have been a few other movies that I have liked this year: Casino Royal, Music and Lyrics, and I am hoping to like Knocked Up. I know....I'll have to bring my prude detector.


Amanda the Couch said...

don't tell dad you didn't like dreamgirls, he may never let you in their house again. hahaha just kiddin! i love this post, i have to say though i have absolutley ZERO desire to see knocked up. however i think i am the only one on earth who doesn't want to, except for mom of course.

I'm Andrea said...

yikes. don't see knocked up if heavy drug use and the 'f' word for days isn't your thing. ha. but i so have to agree with you on stranger than fiction. that is one of my most favorite movies from the last year. it is fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Hey downs!

liz said...

i guess that's what happens with age. just imagine when you have kids...after you hear them repeating lines from movies. over and over and over. that's how i felt in maine while watching HITCH {which i love} with my 13 year old niece. "plug your ears, hunter. okay unplug. oh, wait. plug."
can you believe our parents let us watch KING RALPH at the tender age of 11. yuck.

Chelsea Anne Lorimer said...

Em, I am a total prude, Pat and I have a rule if the f bomb is dropped the movie gets turned off. I must say that Music and Lyrics was one of my favorites.

marta said...

hi em.. this made me laugh. i loved your truthfulness. especially about your monster landlord lady.. (yikes!)

i loved will and his boy in Pursuit of Happyness too. if only he would've broke out in song, "Just the two of us.. we can make it if we try..."

Amanda the Couch said...

hey, so the guy that took your photos for your wedding (i am refraining from using his name cuz he's somewhat of a tool) has a blog. i checked it out today and he blogged all about his friend who took a picture at cabela's and he totally spelld cabela's wrong and did it like a billion times in his blog. i anonymously corrcted him in his coments, he changed it. i thought it was funny though since he feels like he is a god of photography. too bad he can't spell. hee hee (i probably spelled some stuff wrong here though. hee hee)

Amanda the Couch said...

yup i did, lucky for me it was a typo though, and i didn't write it fifty times in a blog.

Emily said...

Ooooh! The Painted Veil looks lovely...I'm going to rent it. I always appreciate a recommendation on the prudish side of things.