Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Jazz

So, it has been so much fun to watch the Jazz lately! Now, don't get me wrong, I don't schedule my life around what game is on next or anything like that, but lately I have really been into all of the playoff games. This is something that brings Miles happiness to no end. During the winter months Miles has a terrible time trying to get me to watch anything Football. I hate it!! Someone needs to remind me what the fun in sitting in front of the television ALL DAY LONG on a Sunday afternoon is. Or, sitting in a stadium freezing your tush off. I can't stand it. So, When basketball season comes rolling around (college that is) Miles starts to feel a little sports relief, because that is when I start to get interested.

And, if I am honest.. I only like to watch the Jazz when they are winning. I mean, lets face it, who wants to watch a losing team? Which is what the Jazz have been the last few years. ( I am sure Miles would disagree with me on that) But now that they have been winning, I am all into it!

Last night over a meatloaf, rice, and left-over jello (from baby William's blessing) dinner, Miles and I listened to HOT ROD announce the first half of the game. The sad thing is, that we don't have cable. The even sadder thing is that our network T.V. is constantly fuzzy. So after adjusting the rabbit ears and getting everything ready, Dr. Phil was the only thing we saw on KJAZZ. Miles was quite disappointed. So, at the half we took our banana cream pie over to Miles parents home and parked ourselves in front of the telly. And I must say, you can't beat a home cooked meal and a winning Jazz game. Go Jazz!


I'm Andrea said...

i totally agree. i love the jazz when they are winning. haha. we need to get together and watch another game. or better yet...lets go to one!

alyson. said...

we don't have cable either. and the rabbit ears get 5 channels or something.
I miss the Food Network, and endless movies on USA.

miles said...

Go Jazz! Go Meatloaf!

liz said...

don't think i've enjoyed watching the jazz this much since bryon russell was on the team...ummm. yeah.