Monday, May 21, 2007

The second annual RONIVAl!

Well, I am back. The Ronival was bigger and better than ever this year. Here are a few pictures:

This was the view of the "front party". Most of the adults were out here with small children to play in the big tiger. Oh, and for the fun drinks under the blue tent. The line for the dunk tank was out of control later on in the evening.

Here is a close up of the bouncy tiger. It looks like a blast, but I didn't throw myself in there, but I wanted to.

There is Ron...his first horsey ride! That is his proud papa, Nick there on the left. {note, the sign up on the building reads: "Welcome to the Ronival! Sponsored by Budweiser ha ha}

This was the party in the back. The first two slides are water sides, and the third is a large obstacle course. Miles and I tied 2 to 2 when we raced each other. My arms still ache.

No Ronival is complete without 3 Birthday cakes. I personally thought the white cake was the BEST!

The food was brought in from some yummy BBQ place. It included: BBQ beef sandwiches, hot dogs, baked beans, meatballs, chicken kabobs, pasta salad, fruit, and veggies. YUM!

And then there was Coxy the Clown. A friend of Nick's that learned how to make balloon animals. Last year he did so well, they had to have him come this year. They also had a magician, but he was just an old guy and not dressed up, so he didn't make the picture cut.

So, all in all, the Ronival was out of control this year, but so much fun!


liz said...

ahh. i wanna come next time...or better yet come june 11th through myself a lizival!

Sarah said...

I cannot believe the Ronival. WHOA!