Wednesday, May 16, 2007

jogging, bikers, ashley poulton and sheriffs?

So last night I decided to jog from my apartment over to my parents house to watch the Jazz game with my super cool cousin Craig. I didn't think much of anything about the jog, but made sure Craig new that I would be jogging over, ya know... just in case something happened. It was such a beautiful day with PERFECT running weather and I couldn't have asked for anything more refreshing. I was running south on 20th east past Evergreen Junior High School and on through the neighborhood.

As I came to the funny four way stop where Siggard meets 20th east, I noticed two cyclists. I didn't get a good look at the second one but the first one got eerily close to me with his bike. He was turning west down Siggard as I was running south on 20th. Because he was so close to me, I got a good look at his face and what not. I felt a little strange about it, but just kept running. I was thoroughly caught up in the run and enjoying "Born in the U.S.A" by Bruce Springsteen and was 'feelin the burn'.

About a block down the street, all of a sudden I felt by bum being grabbed just like you would grab a cookie sheet out of the oven, with your palm facing up. It was a forceful grab, and it threw me way off guard. The person grabbed my bum again, and at that moment, I started a thought process that went as follows: "Is that Miles? No, he is at work. I guess it could be someone like Leigh Cornu because her mom lives close"...and I turned my body away from the person, only to see that it wasn't anyone I knew. It was the boy on the bike that had gotten strangely close to me earlier. I immediately started to scream! "YOU *BEEP *BEEP GET BACK HERE! YOU LITTLE PIECE OF *BEEP," and much much more, but I think you get the picture. The jerk had snuck up on me in BROAD DAY LIGHT, on a really busy street, and he would have had to have been balancing on his bike next to me because I was jogging so slow. After I started yelling expletives he slowly turned his bike around and started riding away. My thoughts after that point were: "I should sprint after him and push him off his bike. But I am exhausted, I've just ran about three miles. If he hears me coming after him, he will just take off on his bike!" Sadly, I just let him ride away. I kept looking for the other biker I had seen with him, but he was no where in sight.

Needless to say I was horrified. One of the craziest things was that there wasn't ONE person around, NOT A SOLE. Not one car drove by, or dog barked, it was completely SILENT. I was left all alone and still had the last bit to run to get back to my parent's house. I decided to keep running. At that point I was hyperventilating but thought to myself, "just get home". I got across 39th south and saw another girl jogging my way. It was Ashley Poulton. She lifted her arm up to say hi, and I ran over to her. She was the first person I saw that I knew. Looking back, I am sure I looked like a lunatic because tears just sprang from my eyes. She was running towards the road that I was groped on, so I told her, "Please don't run that way, change your route. Some guy just grabbed me." She could see that I was really upset and offered to jog me home, but I assured her I'd be okay.

The whole rest of the way home I was constantly looking behind me to see if the guy was coming again. It was the WORST feeling ever! I have never felt so helpless and violated at the same time. I made it home safe and sound and walked inside to find my Mom (and I can NEVER hold back the tears from her) and Dad sitting at the kitchen counter, and before I knew what I was saying, tears were streaming from my eyes and my dad was on the phone with the police. Not soon after that my dad drove off in his car to...I dunno...beat them up? Obviously he didn't find any of them, but was able to calm himself down enough to at least come back and eat dinner. We waited for the police man and when he came he made me describe the little...jerk (your welcome mom).

{And here is his description. Just so you all can be aware}

  • Male: 18-25 yrs old

  • University of Utah cycling shirt

  • Black spandex biking shorts

  • White helmet

  • Black sunglasses

  • Fair skin

  • Small genitals HA! (sorry mom)

The officer also told me to always carry Mace, a cell phone, and change up my jogging routes. So pass on the information.

I know this doesn't sound very scary, but it was. It was soo horrifying to be screaming, and not to have anyone hear me. It also made me feel like I have NO power in situations like that. Every girl needs to be careful, tell your family and friends where you will be jogging or walking and always call the police if something does happen.

{and yes, that is me in the picture}


Amanda the Couch said...


oh my scary! i am so sorry that happened to you, how awful. we must discuss later. i love you and am so glad you are ok.


liz said...

freak-ee. em. i promise that if i ever see said offender with UofUbikingshirt-fairskin-whitehelmet i will shove him off his bike. and then kicked him where it counts. this is why i don't jog people. {ok that and i am a whimp}

marta said...

em, i am so sorry this happened!! (you know how affected i am.) no one wants to feel violated in their very neighborhood. oooh, i get all enraged when i hear stories like this. thanks for spreading the word so we ladies can all be a bit more careful.

Anderson said...

oh my heck emily. how horrifying! the even scarier thing is that is right by my house. i always see bikers so you better believe i will be looking for that nasty biker perv.

Anderson said...

p.s. check out this website and see if he is there!

Em said...

hey, thanks Katie. There is a kid on there that looks just like the freak that grabbed me. His initials are S.S. Look at the roster. I feel bad saying his name.

Anderson said...

oh my nast! you should totally contact them and tell them what happened! isn't groping against the law or something? i swear, he shouldn't be able to get away with that.

Ali Flegal said...


Thanks for sharing your experience because it is a sober reminder that there are freaks in this world. I hope you feel better and it would be nice if that creep falls off his bike and gets hit by a truck or something...

By the way, I love your entries. Your a very good writer.

Cindy said...

I got grabbed on the bum while I was jogging this week (searched on Google to see if it happened to anyone else which is how I found this).

Happened to me in London and obviously wasn't the same person.

Horrible experience! Infuriating! Sorry to read it happened to you too. What is wrong with these guys? We just want to run untouched.