Wednesday, April 18, 2007

april showers?

So, its SNOWING!!
Here we are in the middle of April and for a few hours now, the snow has been continually falling. Luckily it hasn't been sticking much considering it is still 49 degrees out there.
Normally this would probably get on my nerves. I am definitely a sun/summer girl, so snow is never a good thing, but for some reason I really am enjoying the moisture. And as my friend Megan pleasantly reminded me this morning, "Rain in spring is so beautiful because the bark on the trees darkens and it makes the green leaves next to the bark look that much more amazing." she is so right.
*thanks to astrocruzan for the photo.

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I'm Andrea said...

This snow is laaaaaaame. I would much rather have a nice little rain storm than a full on snow dump. Boo. I'm excited to play tomorrow!