Tuesday, April 17, 2007

10 hearts and 10 hates

The ever amazing Marta gave us all an indirect invitation or "tag" to write 5 hearts & 5 hates. I choose to post more hearts than hates because I had so many floating around in my head.


  1. my mom

  2. sun tanning (not to be confused with fake baking)

  3. an amazing deal (Downeast, Thrift Town, T.J. Maxx, or Nordstrom Rack)

  4. laughing so hard that I cry

  5. real conversations with friends

  6. reminiscing with friends and family

  7. well-behaved toddlers (one just came into work, so adorable)

  8. how earrings can totally spice-up an outfit

  9. a great book

  10. Arrested Development


  1. snooty/moody-ness

  2. when miles works the late shift

  3. when i press the radio preset to change the station and I hit the button for the same station

  4. being angry

  5. sour candy


marta said...

em, nice list!

i love real conversations too, especially with girls at work. ditto on the earrings. i love that you can wear pearls with a tee and make it look completely classy..

plus, aren't those teeny gummy hearts at valentines sour? i thought you loved those.. hmm, i'm learning something new about you everyday.

Em said...

i guess you caught me. Yes those are sour, sorta. But look what I do in the name of cute candy!!

alyson. said...

I like your list! especially reminiscing with friends. and I like the new blog as well. very girlie. you should be expecting your swap gift very soon! :)